FX Token Burn instead of Minting

How about we change the 15 year plan of minting into a 15 year plan of burning.
This will give the coin higher value and it will be a deflationary act.

The coin is already minted, the fx held is to pay the validators and delegators for governance and upkeep of the network Ledger and transactions through the eco system, there are millions of dollars in support wallets to maintain the security of the eco system with out them there is no blockchain, if there is no incentive for them to be there no network can exist to build on, FX gains it’s value from the financial services & payment blockchain solutions attached they provide; not by the size of it’s supply, after the 15 years by then the system will be established and that supply that concerned you will not look big anymore. the value can still be very high the supply is not overly large by comparisons.

Yes i understand the purpose of the fx to be minted but i’m saying we probably don’t need all of it over 15 years so why not introduce a burning process as well. Token burns are always good from coin value perspective.

because it’s pointless deflating an inflationary eco system, the increase per year will hardly be noticed, the burning of any I think would be pointless and make no difference

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by default burning coins makes a coin more scarce and thus have more monetary value. it does make a difference , a big difference

not when it’s got 15years of inflation before it can deflate, are you going to give up your 2 million dollars of coin per year to burn

Just no,
As @LKYBOB already said, the 15 year plan is to ensure enough rewards are piad out to keep everyone in the validationof the chain, without at this point the chain cant survive as there is not enough going on yet.
15 years sounds long, but with these ki d of longterm developments a steady slow drip is better than blowing out in the first few years and than discovering that you needed more, killing the project.