FX validator “FX FriendsX”

Good Day, Function X community!
Yesterday, 02/26/23, our “FX FriendsX” validator was born. It was our dream. I am honored to be part of the future decentralized network. Our logo and name of the validator speaks for itself. That our main mission was to attend to the mite in building a large, strong, and very important friendly community.
Who are we?)
Petrichenko Alexander, on Twitter Chesnow2, I hope you know me!)


A guy from Ukraine who believes in crypto, dreams that the FX and PundiX logos would become as recognizable as Bitcoin itself.

Alex, aspiring wab designer. Member of the FXDM program.

And the third member is the person who is responsible for the technical side of the validator.
Our tech is very aware of Cosmos validation configuration and Linux commands.

I understand that trust must be earned. And this is test by time.
But I want to say that we will try to do our best. To earn this trust.
So that each member of the community delegating their tokens to us would be calm.

We have many ideas and plans. We will implement everything step by step!
All information, announcements, reports will be posted here.

Strength in unity. we believe in it!
So let’s be friends!
We are open to discussions, suggestions, constructive criticism!
Well, we will be grateful for the support in the form of delegating FX tokens to us!))

Our contact:

email: fxfriendsx@gmail.com


Welcome onboard fx friends :raised_hands:t4: great to have you in pack :raised_hands:t4:

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I have a question! maybe someone can share their experience.
How to increase the amount of delegated funds?
effective strategies!?)
What conditions are needed to attract to delegate to our fund token validator?

Thank You very much!)

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Delegations comes from two sides. Community and foundation, both are earned by involvement depth within the project ecosystem (list is long for that and not each category equal to another in level) and trust by both entities.

So most effective way is prove your presence with any sort you will like to show up with :relaxed:


Hi, given that there is an increase of new validators, I think we need to observe or have a metric to see which validators are performing well / not well.


I agree with you.

I think a validator badge has been in the works since last year. It will be rewarded to validators with good behavior/performance. Uptime/downtime.




We are announcing a competition! Delegate $FX tokens to the “FX FriendsX” validator for a chance to win 1 out of 3 p(x)Card The conditions are simple: delegate tokens from 10K Thus, strengthen the #FXCORE And win #pxCard #FunctionX



Hello, Friends!)
Please support us by liking, retweeting and subscribing! We try to be useful to the community and the project! This will motivate us! Perhaps someone can share recommendations on how to promote the validator! Success story how to get on the list of active validators!) We will be grateful for your support! Thank You!
Regards FX FriendsX!!


share their link: https://twitter.com/FXfriendss/status/1667810123228618753




now the FX logo lives in BRIQ )

Friends, maybe this is our chance! To be included in the list of 50 active validators! Please consider the friendly validator “FX FriendsX”! We try to earn this right! All our delegators will have the chance to win a pxCard and lots of exciting surprises! We have a lot of ideas! Just give us a chance and we won’t let you down!


Ladies and Gentlemen!
On behalf of the validator “FX FriendsX”, I ask for help with advice!
In what direction should we move to get a chance to get into the TOP 50 active validators?
Perhaps someone already has positive experience in promoting a validator in the community.
There is a goal, there is a desire, there is energy! But we are missing something)

Looks like I can’t help on that one but to tell you to be patient.
We need the team to roll out some more team validators…

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Would it be aan idea to increase the self bounding amount, it says something about commitment as a validator.
And decrease the commission rate to, lets say 0.5% for a period of x months orso.

And then promote your validator as hell on socials.

Then you have 2 major items to advertise.
Lowest commission rate and commitment.

And maybe appoint some technical specs.

Just some thoughts.