FX validator "Le Validateur FX"

Hi everyone !

I am delighted to announce the release of a new validator: Le Validateur FX. It was a wish I had for some time to have my own validator and it is now done :slight_smile:

What is the purpose of this validator? It’s to animate a French-speaking community around FunctionX. The French-speaking world has a great potential that deserves to be highlighted. This is why benevolence, mutual aid and popularisation will be the watchwords of this community.

Who am I? I’m Guillaume, a young french guy working in video communication who thinks that crypto is the future. I made several videos for the FXDM program during the year 2022.
I want to make FunctionX and PundiX references and you can count on my communication skills to do everything I can to achieve this.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss and suggest ideas:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeValidateurFX
Telegram: Contact @levalidateurFX
Email: levalidateurfx@gmail.com


please share us ur journey on how u found out about fx and pundix.

I was introduced to FX by @FrenchXCore and I immediately got hooked by the ecosystem. Then, I have participated in several videos for the FXDM programme:

Now I am currently working on new video projects and I want to develop a French-speaking community thank to this validator