Fx validator re-delegation

Hi !

Do we have any chance to see a re-delegation feature in a next f(x)wallet update ?


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I think there’s a high chance of this. It’s already happening in testnet - here’s transaction


Re-delegation has been added in the latest version of the app.


I realized that each time I redelegate the system also does a WithdrawDelegatorReward from this address fx1jv65s3grqf6v6jl3dp4t6c9t9rk99cd8a04fyw, may I know what is this address for and is there any way to have a table listing systems address such as this one?

Isn’t this one of your addresses where the reward was sent?

Whenever you redelegate or add new funds, your existing rewards will automatically be sent to your own address. That address is yours.

I think it’s some sort of reward address.

If you have unclaimed fx as rewards and you delegate another some fx to the same validator from your fxwallet, than you receive the unclaimed fx from this address.