FX Wallet - Backup and Recovery Phase - Crashes

Phone OS (Android or iOS - Apple): Samsung S21 Ultra

I hoped the latest FX Wallet would have corrected this but my issue has fallen on deaf ears from the support team. I have Pundix and eth in my Fx Wallet where I have the dreadful Signature Failed issue when trying to send to a different wallet. I want to try a uninstall and reinstall of the application but I cannot without creating a recovery seed. When going through the process, where it would generate a set of recovery words it does not … Application hangs and blacks out the screen, which then proceeds to crash the application. All i want is my money that is stuck in purgatory. Any help will be appreciated im sure FX or Pundix Support can just transfer my tokens over to any wallet i wish… but again they have stopped responding months ago.

Thanks… just needed to vent.

Noone beside you can transfer those funds. When creating your wallet, you were offered the opportunity at least twice to backup your recovery phrase.
Do you still see your funds in f(x)wallet ?

I still see my Funds. And the issue is when i try to create a Recovery Phrase and it goes through the proccess it Crashes before spitting out the Words.

Well, the only way out I see right now…
Transfer your funds to a trustworthy friend’s, or to a New FX account using another smartphone (and note the seedphrase when you create it).
Then remove the app and reinstall…

And never ever put funds in a decentralized wallet for which you do not own the private key or seedphrase.

Umm… I get the Signature Failed issue on trying to send out to another wallet. And ive had this wallet Since it launched. Since the application implemented the backup and security proccess i was not able to do so… So thats why im here…

Try to install f(x)Wallet on different device with same Google account, it should open your account without seed phrase.

Do you have enough ETH ?

Thats actually a good idea will try that out.