Fx Wallet is an awesome product

My background: PundiX holder since 2018. FX Holder, Delegator & a Validator.

Recently, I started using the FX bridge to perform cross-chain transfers between Polygon, Tron, Ethereum & accessing DApps for these chains through FX Wallet. I have to admit, FX Wallet is a very swift product. I am impressed with the ease of use & would like to thank the project team (@DavidK @zaccheah @Richard @indra & others) for doing such a good job!

I see FX Wallet as the biggest asset this project has & it is ready for mass adaption. We are not doing a good job of capitalizing on it. Regardless of which chain/DApps a user prefers to use, managing it through FX Wallet is just so much easier for them & this needs to be communicated to the crypto users better!

I suggest running marketing campaigns focusing how users of Eth, Avalanche, BSC, Polygon or Tron, can benefit from using FX Wallet (our true unique asset).

FXDM would be a great start, but it needs to be improved by doing paid advertisement on the winning content to reach broader (& untouched) audience. If there is no money to cover this paid advertisement on social media from the 1 Million$ FXDM budget, I am sure community will be happy to approve $5000 USD per month budget for social media paid advertisement.

A close friend managed to grow his Facebook page followers from 9000 to 35000 in just 3 months, simply by commenting/tagging his page on relevant audience posts in other similar discussion groups. It is a very effective technique to attract relevant audience & we could do similar by hiring social media marketing agents.

Let’s capitalize on this beautiful and unique product FX community has. This product alone is enough to grow our active users to over a million. We need to define marketing KPIs (e.g. Telegram subscribers, Twitter followers, Post Reach, Views, Engagement etc.), set aggressive targets for 2023 & make these reportable on Weekly/Monthly progress reports - switch from passive organic marketing to proactive organic marketing. @BlueStitch @Peko


i did advertisement in my telegram group Telegram: Contact @ivanfxid
i give my baygon token to my member as reward
and nft margin x

I wholly agree with cop4200.

P.s. Not only by FX but also by PUNDIX need to be improved on marketing

Also agree with @cop4200, but this issue has been made clear several times. And on none of these questions we ever had any response from the team.

  • I do not see any growth of users on this forum, on the official twitter accounts, Facebook account is dead, no growth on telegram accounts except bots, reddit nearly dead…

No comment from the team? If we are looking at the marketing from the wrong angle and pundiX/FX marketing strategy needs no improvements, please share your point of view.

And as promised… no response…
And just read a whole statement of a couple of other members (very long time members/contributors/investors) with same questions…