FX Wallet not showing funds in BSC

HI , can anyone help me with the issues i’m facing with FX Wallet, i’ve asked the question in the telegram group and none responded ( maybe they thought i’m trolling ) But i’m frustrated now as i cant mint NFT because my funds in bsc are not showing , i’ve checked bscscan and confirmed there is no problem… all ERC20, PUNDIX , FX all my staking and delegation funds works just perfectly fine ( only BSC )

I’ve tried rebooting my phone, resetting the wallet and even delete FX wallet and reinstalled it but still it does not show my bsc funds , even FX beta 2.0 did not show , recently i try sending a bit from metamask hoping the balance will show but to no avail

is there any setting that i might missed out or is it a bug, please kindly help as i would like to mint NFT …i’m using Iphone 12 btw

Appreciated it if you guys can help


Binance is banned in some countries. where do you live? Try to use VPN.

thank you @nomo0808 , so stupid not to realise this
anyway able to mint my NFT now thanks again really aprreciate it
usually how long does it usually appears in your wallet, i get the notification succesfully recieved NFT but my wallet still showng blank screen


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this issue has not been solved yet.

just fill in the form.

You can see your NFTs with Metamask.
(Mobile app.)
Manually. Get all data from bscscan

ok thanks for your help

ok will try.thanks

@Sten , download the latest version of the beta. It’s corrected now, normally…

@FrenchXCore thank’s a lot, new update runs well. try to update @Sten

yes finally …thanks @nomo0808 @FrenchXCore

one more thing though, can we actually delete unwanted tokens on our wallet…it automatically just appears on the wallet


Don’t do anything with those Sten!!!
In a later update will probably can delete or hide them.

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I hope the future version will look like this. As in metamask.
And it would be cool if the number and name of the NFT remained under the image!)

anyway how to add bsc network to metamask?

Everything is simple!
In manual mode.
Google to the rescue.))

how about on android apps?

ok, i’ve got it. thank’s @11110