fX Wallet on Supporting Eth L2

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Hi Guys, I would like to share one of the problem I have. Whether you guys have any solution to it.

I made a transaction by bridging my ETH in fX Wallet to L2 Arbitrum. It was my mistake, realizing fX Wallet does not support arbitrum yet. Hence, I am not able to access my funds in Arbitrum.

Do you guys has any solution to this? Is the only way to retrieve back my funds is when fX Wallet support Arbitrum?

Appreciate you guys input on this. Thanks

@zaccheah @indra @BlueStitch @Judie

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ETH L2 support will be supported but NOT anytime soon, we suggest you retrieve your funds by importing your wallet into apps that already support Arbitrum.

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Thanks Zac! I managed to get the fund back by using other wallet