FX Wallet - Proposal Notifications

Hello Team

A suggestion that came to mind to help get more eyes on the proposal page is a new important updates & news panel on the FX wallet.

Is it possible to add a pop up notice of a new proposal to the wallet users? This could have a link for how to attach their wallet to the explorer function to begin voting.

This panel could also highlight upcoming events like Livestreams, New Hashout articles, etc.

I think there are many people in this community who do not actively participate on the forum, twitter, or telegram that need vital information visibility. Anyone who is claiming delegation rewards right now should be a voting participant.

Please add at least the proposal notifications as a Urgent item considering the pending BSC voting process.

Thank you!


I like the idea! There should be a way to go to the proposal page from the fx wallet app and be able to vote without having to open the proposal page on PC and scanning with the phone.

Ideally it should be a tab in the app (similar to delegate/stake) and one should be able to look at the proposals and vote within the app.

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Since the ecosystem will be governed by holders, the process needs to seamless.

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Also, add in a “Favorite” Button on the top for each proposal that you are interested in and want to get notifications from.

So people can choose which proposals they want to get notification from in future incase too many proposals keep popping up.

It works the same as “Favoriting a coin on exchanges” to keep it in your watchlist.

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