Fx Wallet Transfer Problem

I have 1280 pundix coin in my wallet. I want to transfer it to trust wallet but I cant do that ıt says insufficient eth to cover the fee. I have 0,00076873ETH in my wallet. I tried to send 5 pundix it says the same. What is the problem anyone can you help me ? Thank you.

normal erc20 transfer is more than 20$

Need at least $50-70 worth of ETH.

@Emre_Cozel ,

The transfer is gonna cost you the same, no matter the amount you transfer.
Why would you transfer it to another ERC20 wallet in the first place ? You’re gonna pay fees for no reason.
If you want to selle, just use the Uniswap trading tool from f(x)wallet.
And maybe, try to understand how decentralized ERC20 wallets operate. Beside their features, all ERC20 wallets work the same.