Fx wallet

Hi everyone,

I recently donwloaded a new fx wallet on a new phone and after i logged in i cant see my fx delegation.

Can anyone explain to me how i can fix it please?

That’s a wierd one, never had this issue before, nor heard it before tbh.

Have you tried on the new beta fx wallet as well? Try and see if it works on that version using the same keys.

Also maybe try reinstalling the main one again.

If you imported your keys, they should show up…

Takes a while sometimes, close app or reboot phone and check again

I did everthing … Im really fustrated

The wallet itself works perfectly?

Some time back, I used to accidentally look at Pundi delegations page and get a mini heart attack, thinking Where’s my fx gone. This was before PundiX delegation started so it had nothing to begin with.

Best to try out all the suggestions above, if all else fails, try a different device… Or alternatively send a ticket to get it checked. It is strange though.

Yes the wallet works

I raised a lot of tickets and nobody is getting back to me.

It’s best not to flood the Zendesk. They’ll get back to you.

Have you tired looking at your history when you tap your address from normal asset holding.

Also copy your address on the fx explorer to have that peace of mind its still delegating. It’s just not displaying on your app for some strange reason.

You could report the new device your using now and its OS version, so the Team can look into it. @indra and future bug can be eliminated.

Hi, what’s your ticket number? Let us check.

Is there a reason why i get only 226fx when i swap xxx usdt to fx in fxwallet?

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Hi @FxWorldValidator, the team is preparing for the upcoming merge, so the liquidity for ETH/FX on Uniswap is currently temporarily removed.

It will be back after the merge, no worries! :muscle:

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I also Have 5 tickets from December of 2021 no one answered.I finally just closed them today and gave up