FX Wallets proposal page suggestions and feedbacks

Hi, this topic includes any feedback or suggestions or (bugs) you may have about the new FX in-wallet’s proposal page and voting system.

So far everything imo, the experience is great. Bear in mind that I am familiar to the space and how information is presented.

Therefore going forward with this in mind, we might be better equipped to give even more ideas or suggestions regarding first timers who are not so familiar with it all. Also consider this thread or anything else in fx forum will mature over time and perhaps something the devs can always come back to. No suggestion is a bad idea literally, so feel free to express them, the devs can, and always will fid through them that best serves us all.

Apart from the usual presentations and functionalities which works really well. Let’s identify what’s missing or needed, such as;

1.does the information seems cluttered? Or can it be better structured…

  1. notification alert of new proposal in fx wallet dashboard.

  2. Allow marking/book mark of proposal page for quick look at progression bar…

  3. Notification when passed

  4. If possible, instead of having long addresses of voters by validators, maybe we can include validators node name. This way advanced delegators know this info, and delegates can quickly verify what and when or otherwise.

  5. Maybe not include proposer’s address on the proposal landing page to remove unnecessary clutter and this non useful information on landing page. I can bearly remember anyone’s telephone number like we had to do back in the days of non smarty pants phones. Any ideas what else could be here? The count-down timer is brilliant.

  6. Maybe add “LIVE voting period”. And the ones finished is of course clearly written. Maybe also highlight the on-going Live proposal text descriptions in blue text, which is present atm but buggy I detected, comes and goes depending where you tap on the screen.

Clicking the three dots at the top is really good, and I don’t think many noticed this… Great features. Maybe have it somewhere else located on the page to expose the features by saying switch chain or something of the sort… Or maybe under your own address on “connect” and have them all displayed in a listed View and finally Disconnect at the bottom.

Also within the report problem from the above screenshot, there are a few neat features (eg switch chain) and i did submit something via report problem, which works well and very easy to understand.

  1. Maybe we can include if delegators need to vote or not information icon, eg when to vote or what it means when your validator delegated to, already voted in your favour - just going back to new users here for a minute.

  2. After one has voted, the fx wallets main notification bell does not show the transaction, which will be a good place to recollect the info and easy to understand for first time users to quickly access it, without bedding further knowledge where it can be obtained.

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Thanks @Superbit123 for kicking off the discussion with this overview and constructive suggestions. :pray:

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I really appreciate this last version of Fx WAllet and my experience with it. It’s so far better than any other decentralized wallet.

I still feel uncomfortable recommending it to a beginner who wants to hold his first satoshis of Bitcoin on a decentralized wallet for the moment. I recommend Trustwallet for a beginner.

The possibility of recovering the asset from Trustwallet to Fx wallet would be a good idea using the same seed phrase when they become ready for using DeFi.

I suggest having the ability to add personal networks as we can do on metamask for expert users. For example, If I want to use Evmos on my Fx Wallet or other.

I modify my post to add the idea of putting the lightning network on Bitcoin and the bridge between onchain and lightning network on Bitcoin.

Thank you.

I’d be in favor of some form of profile coupling with the Starscan forum. so that I could practically always register with Wallet connect in the forum.
Then it would be nice to have some kind of phone book where I could save my favorite addresses to make my transaction faster.

Maybe it would be possible to add a kind of memo to the transactions that I could send a message with every transaction. This would also make it easier to classify some transactions.

What I still miss is the old swap function, which I loved back then because I could convert my coins directly.
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Agree with you about the phone book. This suggestion was made a while back.

It would be great to be able to name-tag external recipient addresses so we can sort them out quickly and have a lesser chance of human error when choosing the recipient.

  • MetaMask implemented ‘Contacts’ which acts like a Phone’s Contact List
  • Mainly to name tag external addresses and save addresses.

Want to send some tokens to a frequent recipient?
Just click ‘Contact’ and choose the name that is tied to the address.