FX x ZooGames [UPDATED]

Maybe we should insist on the fact that we are not bringing just a blockchain game but a whole gaming ecosystem with liquidity, marketplace and gaming environment with ZooGames platform. Not quite comparable with most of one-chain sided games that you can find somewhere else. In fact, ZooGames being EVM compatible makes our targets much wider that Zoo and FX communities, which will be beneficial for both ecosystems in terms of adoption.


Hey guys, got a question about the game out of curiosity and anticipation.

Which type of games will you guys be leaning more towards? I’m aware it’s a strategy-based game. Are there any details beyond just strategy-based? Would love a peak into the direction of the game.

For example:

Strategy-based games can come in the form of card games or social games such as AmongUs.

  • For example, Kawaii Chaos - We know it’s a strategy-base game & an FPS category.
  • Strategy-based is quite a broad term, would love to know the main or sub category.

Reason being is so that everyone can anticipate exactly what kind of game will be coming. :love_you_gesture:

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I would be happy if it would be like Siedler, Anno or Travian. Love games like this and the addiction factor is extreme. I’m looking forward to the proposal and I’m enthusiastic about the project.
Best Regards


Zombies in da name

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ZooGames is a breath of fresh air, and will be a superb addition to our ecosystem.

Given that we don’t have a proper nft marketplace yet, I would be inclined to make it our default marketplace, our Opensea.

I feel it’s right to propose metrics. We can discuss the numbers for the active user metrics, but it’s important to have them - really - even a lowered number for both nft marketplace and game before any grant distribution when/if the grant passes. And natural since the team is invested long term already, as will be farming for >=12 months of liquidity.

For those that are unaware, @indra visited the team members in Bangkok and is a strong proponent internally for ZooGames.

I must admit I didn’t read through all 180 posts, hence I might have stated the obvious.

Good luck ZooGames team!


Hello @zaccheah,

Thank you for your kind words and support. Your enthusiasm and belief in ZooGames means a lot to us.
We’re eager to kick off the voting process and are committed to delivering the best for the FX community.
Your feedback and insights are invaluable, and we’re excited to journey together. Let’s make some magic happen.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We’re actually planning on creating a fun Turn-Based Strategy game with various NFT elements and a dynamic in-game economy.
We genuinely believe it’ll be a great addition to FX. We appreciate your input and hope you’ll be as excited about it as we are!


Howdy zac, you are correct, user metric is important here.

i want to see the metric applied to the milestone before grant distribution.

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I am on the same gear as Zac, love the game @Genshimaro and commitment but still think it’s more responsible to have a user active number target, given what we suffered with foxcoin.

@SiverSurfer Here are the metrics we’re suggesting for FXgora, which we believe will attract new users to FX. As an established blockchain entity, we’d appreciate it if our efforts weren’t compared to Foxcoin.

@zaccheah Regarding player metrics, we’re confident in bringing in 150 players. While this might seem modest given the current bear trend, it’s a realistic and attainable goal for us.


$50,000 for 150 players is $300 per player & you will need more funds to maintain these 150 players.

Waiting for another 6–12 months when FX has more users will be wise. You can easily reach and increase the number.

It seems there’s some confusion.
Please differentiate between acquisition cost and production cost.
The grant also aims to integrate our ecosystem with FX (FXgora, crosschain NFTs, multichain web3 gaming protocol and a GAME).
I’d recommend revisiting the initial post and familiarizing yourself with our objectives before drawing conclusions. While we’re discussing guaranteed metrics, it doesn’t limit us to only that number of players.

I’ve noticed your comments lean towards the negative side regarding our proposal, and it feels like you might not have fully grasped our vision.


Thank you @zaccheah for your support. The ZooGames team is truly dedicated to make this proposal a success for both projects and both communities. It was great meeting up with @indra and I can say that we are very excited to start building on FX!


I think you are very clearly missing the big picture here… And Maybe need to read the whole proposal…?
I would say this is EXACTLY what the FunctionX ecosystem needs in order to expand and attract more users, further boosting inter-community cross-chain visibility and interaction; not to mention the multitude of added utilities and tools that ZooGames / vZOO brings to the table, backed by a 3-year proven dedicated and result-securing Team. The ZooGames protocol is a very powerful asset and we are delivering a complete and exciting solution here.

@zaccheah Cheers man! Good to see you weigh in about this. We look forward to close and productive growth working together!

@FrenchXCore Been following from the sidelines, thank you for the constructive feedback and kind words.

Thanks to everyone giving their constructive feedback.
Let’s go!


Howdy, i cannot find the metrics stated on your proposal or game milestones (III and IV). It is my opinion, and if you think it is negative, that is okay. there are too many good responses from others without asking detailed questions in this thread.

@Tarestyles did ZooGames attract more users on wan chain, and can you state the number here? it will be good information for readers here.

It is better to give the numbers than accuse me of being negative.

I actually appreciate that we have another opinion in the spectrum.
Here again, I appreciate seeing all the exchanges we’ve just seen.
And I sincerely think that ZooGames will be a great value added to the $FX project, and vice-versa.

Looking forward to see the governance proposal.
Some people will vote yes, others will vote no. Let’s see the result.


I will bring 300-500 player on poker game


Bring’em over !!!

the poker game is not related to fx.

zoo games should add that numbers to that milestone if they can deliver it.

@moleculeboost, what makes you think the game won’t have ties to FXcore?

With the groundwork laid, the Poker game could easily mint cool in-game NFTs right on FXcore. And if vZOO is on FXcore, then the Poker game is inherently linked to FX.
Seems like our intentions might’ve been misread. I’ve clarified our objectives multiple times.

It’s less about numbers and more about the vast potential of web3 gaming.