FxCore and PundiXChain Penalty-free re-delegation

Hi !

I would strongly suggest to implement a way to allow for penalty-free re-delegation.
With public mainnet validators coming, this would allow delegators to easily switch from one validator to another, in order to reduce validator stickiness.
This would also greatly contribute to the safety of the networks (FxCore and PundiXChain) by having a balanced delegation between nodes, which is currently not the case on testnet as we noticed public testnet validators are being jailed because they don’t have enough self-bonded FX or are not competitive enough with other nodes which have a lot more delegated FX.



If i remember it correctly, zac did mention that we will be able to redelegate to another validator without any penalty. IF i remember correctly haha.

Well : Cosmos is working on it. Maybe we’re just waiting on Cosmos to implement it.