Fxcore smart contracts

We must give the possibility to develop smart contracts on the fxcore network as soon as possible.

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This is a really good topic. I hope we get some info on approximate timeline on it.

I remember that it was announced that EVM proposal would be up for voting around december (on a youtube video). Don’t yet know what happened. Was it voted internally?

Coding does take time but I hope this thread gives us an approximate timeline for dex, evm, smart contracts and more.

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There are currently only 2 ways to run smart contracts over FunctionX :

  • CosmWASM, which is not ready for production yet,
  • EVM(os), which is still in testing phase over FunctionX testnet.

Even EVMos, which is an external project, was supposed to be ready : however, it is currently undergoing heavy testing due to too optimistic expectations : https://www.coindesk.com/business/2022/03/11/evmos-looks-to-get-back-on-track-after-failed-launch/

So, for now, let’s be wise and wait until all elements are ready.

In my opinion, we should focus on decentralized PundiX payments use case going over FX-to-USD mechanism for merchants. This would strengthen PundiX use case along with FunctionX use case.

Looks like we’ll need to have more info from the team towards that.

VR/ FrenchXCore


EVM coming soon could also mean eth smart contract ability will come with

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This explains a lot as to what is happening with regards to EVM. Now, I can tune my expectations vs reality.


Man, you so good explaining on the forum. My personal best. Reason why I delegated to you.

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Something like pancakeswap will be nice

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