[FXDM] Jan 2022 reward winners announcement!

Dear Function X Community,

Thank you for participating in the second FXDM community voting for the creative contents! Let’s find out the winners!

After 2 rounds of voting, we realize that there are improvements to be made with the voting system. We will take this into discussion and come back with updated game rules that will be applied for the next voting onwards.

For now, we keep the voting system and rules as they were but upgrade the rewards to $100 worth of FX for all three winners as to show our appreciation to the amazing works you’ve done.

Category 1: Self-owned channels:

:1st_place_medal: and $100 worth of $FX goes to:

Category 2: Function X Channels:

A reward of $1,000 worth of $FX goes to:

We’re also announcing the Contribution rewards.

:keyboard: Localization Contribution $1,500 worth of $FX goes to:
Hakan and his team for translating f(x)Wallet into Turkish

:keyboard: General Contribution $100 worth of $FX goes to:
@Richyshadowlux for putting up a list of information for the team

Congratulations to all the winners and please dm me and provide your FX addresses.

For those of you who wants to share your amazing work for Function X, join FXDM now at www.fxdm.functionx.io




All the rewards have been sent to the winners!! Congratz once again :clap: :partying_face:


Many thanks! Take this opportunity. I want to invite our community. Let’s be active. Everyone is capable of doing something useful. And together we are power!

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