FXDM results will be determined by FXNEERS

Dear Function X community,

Since the beginning of FXDM, there have been questions about the fairness of the community voting mechanism on the forum. Therefore, after internal discussions with FXNEERS, we have decided to stop the forum community voting beginning with this round. That is, starting from now, the results of the FXNEERS vote will determine the winner of each award.

FXNEERS is composed of 3 Function X members and 4 community members, meaning voting will still maintain the decentralization principle of FXDM.

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding.

Keep submitting your great content at https://fxdm.functionx.io/


yes at last! Good idea.


I support this


A good idea!
But, in my opinion, a hybrid voting system would be even better.
When both the community and fxneers members vote.
That is, voting takes place in 2 stages.
Stage 1. Community vote.
Everyone gets a point.
(For example:)
1st place: 10 points
2nd place: 5
3rd place 3
Stage 2. Member voting in fxneers.
Same scores.
The scores are then added up and the winners are determined.:champagne:

Like the Eurovision Song Contest :grin::slightly_smiling_face:…
… Douze points go to… the Netherlands… :wink:

Actually the voting proces is already kinda hybrid, since the fxneers consists for majority out of community members.


I agree)
It would be cool if the voting would take place on starscan. And in order to vote you must have an fx address. And fx for commission. Which will be burned, for example)

Yes would be cool if some sort of automated voting app would excist.

Crazy ideas in my head…
Some sort of fxdm voting section on @Fox_Coin NFT marketplace or so.
Where community members can upload their work and you can vote, just like on proposals on starscan.

And after voting period you can decide to activate your work as an nft item.

Who knows… :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s al just started, so who knows how things will evolve…


Super Cool)))!

I prefer if fxdm hire profesional animator 3d to creating movie animation for fx promotion