Fxdm reward for profesional

Halo fx team
Is possible to add reward for profesional 3d animator
I have friend, 3d animator. I told him about fxdm, but the reward is to small for his work

Can you add reward for him if he make 3d animation
10k usd


My perspective as person who works in this field.

The amount requested is high rate to single individual even if he is a pro.

Also to note you can get high quality 3d animation without junky animation or script under 1000$ with good reputed freelancers, it’s just matter where you look.

Anyways if your friend keen to proceed for request he can start an onchain proposal to get funds from community spending pool and can get community reply with onchain voting.


i agree to shady, if he wants to build something great for extra money he can place a full fledged proposal and if he gets the votes he can get the money.

Then we should hire 3d animator if he want to pay 1000 usd

Fx need 3d animation video