FXDM Subcategories

Currently for FXDM, we have 6 main categories.

  1. Video
  2. Image
  3. Article
  4. News Story
  5. Speaker
  6. AMA Referral

After some careful considerations, I would like to propose 3 sub-categories for Video & Image.

  • Informational
  • Aesthetic
  • Comedy

Reasons for this is because i find it weird to lump all versions together which isn’t really fair.

  1. Aesthetic - Good impression, nice background but serve no actual purpose to the project other than looking nice

  2. Comedy - Good laugh, spreads laughter - it spreads fast like memes

  3. Informational - May seem boring but it is there to educate and onboard potential investors

Aesthetic will win most of the time although it doesn’t have any long-term impact other than just looking nice.

Comedy spreads fast since memes are pretty trendy right now.

Informational can seem boring but it serves a real purpose, educating and/or guiding the next potential viewer → WhiteboardCrypto, CoinBureau

I think we should have 3 subcategories so content creators in their own specialty can participate and compete among each other WITHIN the same theme.

Most competitions are made like this, for example Olympics or Singing where there are different subcategories. Like running, jumping, swimming, vocal, lyrics writing.

Wouldn’t be fair to lump all types of content together.

I believe it will benefit both FXDM & Content Creators because:

  1. Creators will know their target audience better, who to target, which subcategories, their specialty
  2. FXDM will have specific category targeting multiple types of content creator, easier to do scoring

Any thoughts? I hope this can be considered since it follows how major companies host content creator competition.

Example: A singer can’t compete directly with a lyric writer.

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Also, because i’m building a Youtube Channel which is growing at a pretty steady rate, the audience that I’m targeting at are potential investors who want to find the next hidden gem.

Doing informational videos with the intention of trying to educate and onboard them.

My Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_vFI3xQPv4qoyLqFfC_sgQ

With marketing advantages like SEO & Target audience, i will be able to reach more audience / get more views for a specific type of category - Crypto, Blockchain and others.

For example:

  • What are the features of F(X)Wallet?
  • How can the XPOS help to push for crypto adoption?
  • What is Pundi X’s goal?

Informational videos catch the attention of people who are SERIOUS, with the intention to attract them over to our side. Especially videos that can be used to advertise / go viral / high viewcount.

People like WhiteboardCrypto, CoinBureau and others who educate people and onboard them into the project. Majority of their views come from serious people looking to invest into the next coin.

The end goal is for people to understand Pundi X / Function X and to purchase the token after.

We need to target real people who will invest at the end, not just pressing a like button.

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ya i agree that there should be subcategories, wouldn’t be fair to content creators specializing in different types of content.

lumping all together would spell disaster in the long run.