FXDM Website: Just my thoughts

I like that the team has now created a website for Function X Decentralized Marketing. It short and clear without fillers.

From my experience of running multiple dropshipping sites, I feel that it needs a bit of a touch up. We do sell what everyone else sells but do it better.

  1. The logo, very important in my opinion, can be letters but must also be easily readable and conform to the text style of the website. It creates consistency.
    –The logo currently reads as F XD M which should certainly be FXDM.

  2. We always create a sales funnel on the landing page through clever content writing. It seems to lack content. The magic it can do is just amazing. Maybe, information from the about page can be used to create that funnel such as mentioning the awards, total amount, reason for its existence, create hype etc.

  3. Coloring needs some touchup. The more vibrant, the more attractive.


Thank you for the feedback!

Will definitely take into consideration all 3 suggestions you have provided and improve the website.


@BlueStitch Thank you for considering.

While we are at it, the information on circulating supply on coinmarketcap is wrong. Updating it would mean we jump up over 50 ranks into 100-200 category. With EVM deployment just round the corner, it should be of critical importance. Better rankings would mean better exposure.



I think the words should not be capitalized. Like the previous update, it wasn’t. “Before the bounty update”

It looks untidy if the some words are capitalized and some are not.

Since the main website doesn’t use full capital words, FXDM should follow the same theme too. Before the bounty update, it wasn’t capitalized anyways.

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Hi Scene, because of adding “bounty” section, it automatically added the rest into “More” tab. Now the whole menu shows.

Edit: Do you prefer the menu not to be capitalized at all?

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Nice, it looks better now without the More! Thanks Andreas!

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