FXG Price discussion and regular recap

Main Post edited with full recap article

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Found it very informative, thanks for pulling all this together in single post :raised_hands:t4:


updated the monthly chart and added a news Abstract to the main post. please read the first part of the Main post for the news update.

May I know if you will have royalty feature baked in, or follow nft trend to make royalty optional.

I am not a developer. This question is for you @Fox_Coin.

since something was changed in the forum that i cant edit my top post anymore… here is the short news of the week…

everything is dumping… fox is pumping… * sing*

it was a really strong week for fxg token raising its price to 0,0129 USD at the time of writing… Raising its Market Cap over one million for the first time in the projects history… lets see if this really can reach the 100+ million during the next bullrun… the signs are promising…

The gain from seed to now is

+29% in USD (during a bear market)
+137% in BNB

and from the maximum drawdown (lowest point in bear market) its up a mind numbling


Everybody is looking forward to the release of the fox change nft marketplace which should launch around december…

The Marketplace will come with some nft collections, one of them will be the FOX Avatar project which will have benefits for the holding user like lower fees or other cool things.

Since i am not part of the team i can’t say much about the future, but there are rumors of some really big announcements and collaboration…

And i hope the fx team around @zaccheah and @indra will succeed in opening up the fx network and can convince the current exchanges to list the fx network access… This would be mandatory to get fxg listed anywhere… right now we only can hope and use fx-swap.io for the trading…

I am looking into a bright future for this project… lets see where it can go… good job so far @Fox_Coin

everybody, have a successful week…


aka 1337Alchimist


What are the rumours? I haven’t heard, plz share with me :grin: probably best in DM. Thanks

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News of the day:

A 3 day trading competition valid until 14.11.2022 8pm CET :postal_horn:airdrop on 15.11.2022 with a staggering 20% Benefit was launched today for trading FXG on fx-swap.io

Every buy will result in a 20% airdrop bonus… this is huge actually…

The maximum of 5.000 FX per wallet can participate thats a really nice 1000 FX value of FXG airdrop occuring on the 15.11., but be aware that every sell will be hold against the buys, so that no one can just sell and buy again to get the airdrop cheated.

dont forget that every sale is currently having a 6% tax for the liquidity pool on it…

BUT saying all this… if you want to enter this project before the marketplace starts and BUY some tokens…


here is the official tweet for this event



15/11/ ??2020??


Changed thx :sweat_smile:

The short buying bonus event has concluded and now its time to look to the airdrop

following wallets bought during the event.

adresses wfx traded
0x4e7b6797De0da8f62752e5Eb0470A791e7c0Eec8 970
0xdF1ab52510B4Ea5e01a24A0d6af516612A78289B 1111
0x407Ec31C68468D9B34E2ed67620D4Ab866145fF4 1800
0x34418786864ec397318Ec2D8871a318Da05f9061 112
0x20F15FC1738b0674696d7Ad0c169462456214852 9400
0xd3EEb8A53E85d34Ccc86ce98d6455df188a752dc 5004
0x7e91F2DaF149A4d1c0D0FCEFC79dA3599d677281 5004
0x2d674e3d5431717C37Ec79c11b780f6C32aa0E90 5003
0x079475D9bE6551f30ea1E59D046838A988c0984e 10037
0x4cfeA1f3cd9165B528fF07D24Bf075A75cbcD5e8 500
0x4BbF36e28962d287B8519C94D94AB227476535ab 5010
0x5ca7F19331489EeD196A9B45b2Bf1738847343F2 150
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Just saying, out of those 11 addresses, 6 addresses are tied to the same person.

Main Address → 0x2C601b94714A1cFA3E529CfD0888D0A5c7126Db9

Daoverse-game.eth ENS is tied to this address.

The address above dumped 1 million FXG in 2 separate TX → and swapped to 31k FX.

FXG price dropped by 42% because of the 1M FXG dump.

Swapped 50% FX for 2485 USDT and cross-chained out to Polygon - Function X StarScan
Transferred remaining 50% of FX to other 5 addresses below to buy back FXG.

The address above transferred the remaining FX to the 5 addresses below.

Address and TXID:
→ 0x079475D9bE6551f30ea1E59D046838A988c0984e - Function X StarScan
→ 0x7e91F2DaF149A4d1c0D0FCEFC79dA3599d677281 - Function X StarScan
→ 0xd3EEb8A53E85d34Ccc86ce98d6455df188a752dc - Function X StarScan
→ 0x2d674e3d5431717C37Ec79c11b780f6C32aa0E90 - Function X StarScan
→ 0x4BbF36e28962d287B8519C94D94AB227476535ab - Function X StarScan

I actually got an alert from my bot when it happened yesterday. The other addresses I wont mention since it is not a significant amount.

I hope the FX community don’t get dumped on from seed investors after promoting it constantly.


Thx for Bringing it up. Yes it was seen that s
Those adresses are from the same Person. Since this is me personally :sweat_smile:
That’s the wallets for my parents children and girlfriend that all dont know nothing of crypto and I create them long term wallets.
The token in those wallets wont be moved for at least some years.

But thx for the alert

PS: I did that because I need goverment tax relevant different entities for that Plan otherwise it would be a tax nightmare here in Germany

But you can be assured this is for long term and I actually plan to buy more starting january since I want to use this project for the daoverse aswell.

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And since I am a Fan of full transparancy
This is my wallet


I was a 500k seed investor at fxg like many others of fx community and I currently hold 2m personally and around 600k at my family wallets.

My only Single payout I ever did with fxg (around 2400 usd) was to pay for the raised living costs right now end of the year.

And I actually want to hold at least 3% of supply again for myself and the daoverse without my family wallets.


Thanks for the clarification! Good to know. :blush:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

And btw I have nothing to do with the team and am fully focused on getting the interests of the investors taken serious by the team. U can ask loil how much I annoy him sometimes :sweat_smile:

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@SCENE thanks your reply. We already contacted @Alchimist and these wallet won’t participate in airdrop. Since it was a split and the amount FXG after sold/buy remains negativ

@Alchimist doesn’t belong to the Team, but is one of the biggest support of FoxGaming. He’s with us since the first minute and bought a lot on the bottom of the chart with a lot of Risk. We are thankful that @Alchimist always believes in our project and took some profit but still remains on of the top wallets :orange_heart: also he is helping us in the background with good feedback and recommendations regardings marketing improvements