FXSwap Analytics

Is it possible to track more than the last 100 transactions of an address on FXSwap Analytics?

Currently, the analytics track up to the latest 100 transactions of any single address.


The past 24 hour stats:
Total Volume Swapped: $67k
Total Fees Accrued: $201

This address definitely did more than 100 transactions and 15.5k volume, but because the analytics only track up to the latest 100 txs, the numbers are stuck at 100. I’m assuming this is a team-related address.

fxswap tx
Another address swapping back and forth, contributing to the daily volume and fees, but the analytics only track up to the last 100 txs even though it definitely did more.

Would it be possible to track unlimited transactions for a single address on the analytics page?

Reason: So I know the exact volume + fees I did overtime or any address that I’m tracking.