Gasfee paid but no staking

Earlier today I tried to stake PUNDIX in f(x) wallet. Gasfee (0.0017 ETH) was charged, but PUNDIX did not stake. Please help?!

You have to do two transactions, first “Approve”, when your first transaction is done, you can “Send”. This second button is the one will send your PundiX to Staking.

Ethereum network works like this.


Thank you for your reaction. When I started the staking-process I was aware of the two step approach to stake Pundix. However, it seemed like my process stopped at the end of Step 1, since I was not able to push the second button. The application didn´t move to Step 2 and staid in Step 1. Even after waiting 10 minutes. When I later one returned to the “my asset” sceen I saw I burned some ETH; I assume this is visible for an administrator.

When I just opened the staking-process in the application I was not able to push the button for step 2 now. The only possibility seemed to redo the approval-step and pay gas again. In my opinion that can not be true…since I then would have to pay double. And I do have some fear the same issue will happen again.

Can you please fix this issue manually? Or refund/compensate the burned gas fee? Then I can try the process again.

Thanks in advance

Hi @PasCrypto , I’m not part of the team, but Gas fees right now is just 1.5 USD, I mean when I stacked I had to pay more than 90 USD for transactions. Think you could try one more time.

Sure, it has to be checked, but fees are very very small for Ethereum Network right now. You can check them out here:

Have a nice day!!

The analysis of my hash record made clear that I only approved the token . And that, in order to stake, I need to complete the second step. The million dollar question is… Where and how I can approve the staking/complete the second step in f(x) wallet?. Or do I need another app or website? I am not an experienced user and this is my first wallet transfer and staking. Hope you can help again. Thank you for your understanding.