Get your first sneak peak for the brand new Function X Website

Moving closer to the main-net launch, our brand new design for the Function X Website is now out.


Wow, new website looks fantastic!
Fresh, little retro but futuristic at the same time.
Love it.
Great work.

One note though: on my mobile phone the text is very very small, can’t read is properly (even with my glasses on…:-))

On computer is looks awesome.

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Thanks for the review and advice @Jan

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Awesome. Trying to figure out how to share it to my millions on Facebook and LinkedIn

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Solved the issue. Distributed on Facebook and LinkedIn


In the Google Chrome app i can not zoom in on the site and text

In the Opera app zooming In is possible.

I have no idea if that is a limitation of the Chrome app, or something that can be set or configurated in the website script??
Just wanted to let know

And one more reason to use Opera more :slightly_smiling_face::wink:

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look awesome on my new S7+ note book, love it guys :love_you_gesture: :cupid: :mechanical_arm:

The website is not currently using a responsive web design, we’ll be implementing that in the future so it works flawlessly with mobile phones as well but at the moment we’re pretty packed with other things considering the main-net launch is approaching.


Congrats team! Well done. First impressions is that the site looks good. Clean and contemporary. I can however only view it on my mobile device but I’m looking forward to dive into the full site once it is launched.

Once I get a chance to take in the full experience I will take the liberty to share my thoughts on the design as well. Hopefully you will see this as a source of inspiration for potential future improvements.

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Looks awesome so far on my computer in Firefox browser. Great work.

It’s awesome :grinning: :heart:

Awesome design. Keep up the good work :smiley:

The website is a nice eyecatcher.One thing i notice is i can’t see how much the staking pool is filled. I guess it’s a problem from my side bc i looking on mobile or the Safari browser.

we just need a redeem day/date really they told us the contract will be filled on the 27th no matter anyway and we will have a count down clock when main net launch begins, so no need any more launch has been scheduled by 6th of July, Be ready & pack your bags

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Me and everyone else is ready for the launch, let’s do it😁


Yeah, i agree the mobile app text size is really small, we can’t zoom in.

However, using the computer, the website looks amazing.

Nice and eye catching; Has a “legitimate feel” for want of better expression…