Help the Doge, the Doge helps you

Apologies, for the title. Did not know what to name this topic.

Just my thoughts:

The Doge community is perhaps the most active crypto community on Twitter. Perfect at making memes and creating attention. More so than the other chains present.

Just the other day, Burger King replied “Only the king knows what da coin do” to Elon Musk’s tweet and it went viral.

Is it possible for the team to have cross-chain support for Doge. So, with ported/non-ported DAPPs, DOGE can be easily used on the FX chain. They are a very large community.

Lets say, DOGE holders would now be able to trade on Variable and long/short Tesla. This would be a dream come true for a lot of DOGE holders and create hype on social media platforms. This can even get the attention of Tesla. Wouldn’t the attention created be worth the implementation?

What do you think?

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