HELP! - Unclaimed Fx Staking Reward

Hi Team,

This is a cry for HELP!!! and a special message to the Function X team.

My Fx staking reward is among the unclaimed rewards, for 4 years I have been a faithful and dedicated supporter of this project (Twitter @Fact1945, Telegram @SILKOP001 feel free to check my supports out) but for some reason I have fallen victim here because of the ridiculous ETH fees.

Whilst my rewards are only a few thousands they are actually worth much more than that to be and I will be devastated to see them lost.

I would like to reach out to the team Zac, David, Danny, Peko etc for help in claiming my rewards, I would rather see the equivalent of the ETH fees in FX be donated to charity or team or something good rather than that fee go to ETH network.

I know some more people have been affected and I really hope the team would consider this.
These rewards are what we have worked for for years and months and it would be a shame to see them go due to ETH fees.

Looking forward to read from the team.

if reward not worth the high fee eth
just leave that reward

i leave my reward, i just have 12 fx reward
not worth gas fee

My rewards are worth more than the fees…
I just got caught out waiting for lower fees on the network.

BIG costly mistake, it’s over a thousand FX which is worth more than a few thousands $ to me.

I worked hard for these rewards and I am desperate for them.

then you can claim if that reward worth

just make it simple

That’s the problem.
Claiming is closed, hence the reason for this post.

This is decentralize
Not centralize
Dev can do nothing
You responsible with your own coin
All transaction are otomatic

Unclaim Fx reward no go anywhere but be burn

You are wrong.
The contract was not programmed to auto burn. Zac even asked the community for suggestions of what to do with them.
Easier to quickly laugh at the misfortune of other as you know it all until it hits you someday.

If you don’t have any positive to add you could refrain from commenting on the post.

That by contract
Dev need make a contract to not burn
I suggest dev must burn all unclaim fx reward

Including my unclaim fx reward

i dont think the coins will be burned…
i think there was a poll that came to the result that unclaimed token will be going to R&D… but that was a decision of the community together… the team cant just overrule that decision…

but i would propose that a new poll will be made maybe this week to ensure that the DAO decision rules…

and for the fact that you didnt claim… you didnt claim because of a decision and then lost them… personal choice not a fail of the project or community

Project fail if not support fx network on cex