High APY Implication

Is the 30% APY causing a selling pressure on the market and supressing the price of FX . Should it be lowered ?

Like any APY, inflation can cause selling pressure. But it can’t be modified unless the team asks for a vote to change the rules of APY adjustment.
Right now, FX is just starting. There would be no point in doing so except to send a wrong message.

you can’t blame apy on the market movement there would be thousands of reasons the market dose what it’s doing, higher apy reducess supply in the market and can cause higher demand as well which is a market incentive in my thinking, if people pull funds from delegation it will increase the APY if more delegate that will reduced the apy, other adjustment is via validator commission if they increase commission this will reduce delegator apy, these are adjusted to aid governance of the system. not the market

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