HOLY SHEET! More Cross-chain out!

Am i seeing things? We are gonna have cross-chain for Binance Smart Chain, TRON, Polygon in the coming weeks??


Just updated my FX Wallet to the latest version.

They actually put the ~ ESTIMATED DAILY REWARDS ~ into the app, omg. The team really did listen to our feedbacks. Actually loving it now.

Also, i think the estimated daily rewards should be based on APR and not APY since APY is exponential growth and doesn’t reflect the true daily estimated rewards. It should be based on APR.

For more transparency incase the app gets more users and people may wonder why they don’t get as much as what is being stated in the estimated rewards. @eduardstal


And cross-chain is already implemented into the app but the function is not activated yet.

Sooner or later, people are gonna find out about this app. Getting better, hope to see more features in the near future!

Currently the first page of the app shows - Total Asset ( this counts what is in our wallets only )

Would be nice to see Total Networth too, counting in our staked assets and not just wallet asset.

Would also love to have a graph of our wallet or total assets like a portfolio tracker to see how it progresses like a portfolio tracker app.


Nice! This is awesome