How do we protect the incubator fund?

For example, will there be any audits from the fxcore team to review the github code that is suggested by users?

  • To avoid any shitcoin rug and pull.
  • To avoid ruining the reputation of fxcore - The first few projects that will be launched on fxcore have to be really legit in order to start a good race with a good face reputation

For example, pantherswap had their first project listed on their DEX and that project got a flash loan attack exploited on it which made people lost trust in both the DEX and the project listed on it.

The first few projects is extremely important so people won’t have any bad talks about it.

We have to start with a good taste, the first taste must be sweet, not bitter.

Are there any additional steps in place so that users can not / will not be able exploit the grants, other than 10,000 security fund?

Of course, one of the reasons why BSC got so popular is because of the amount of people building shitcoin on its chain but that’s for later, not now.

We need a good momentum and that will start with a good project and the awareness of fxCore will naturally be spread.


I agree first impressions count, I’m not fond of the first project proposal being a meme coin; that also looks the same icon wise as other popular meme garbage, I can’t express how much I hate meme coins, In the same thoughts we don’t want a bucket load of shit coins with no meaning either, so we need a wise basic perspective of what new coins on FX chain represent, not seen as meme or shit coin But what? we need to break the stereo type and be something new smarter greater, at a minimum when you decide to create a coin on FX try to think above a shit coin or meme coin; you know give it purpose but really think about the category you want to be recognized because later in the future when you grow up your first decisions may look very lame but your early contributions will mean a lot to the eco system as a hole; it’s the difference of how we are seen in the long term will be based on our first impressions as Scene before points out.

Coin Category ??? not shit not meme what are we ?

Most people entering crypto are focused on the get rich quick dreams and in these still early days of crypto there are many possibilities, meme and shit coin focus is on people’s vulnerability towards that goal we do not want to be looked at as quick money; but secure money/crypto as we learn earning in crypto takes time but not a long time, planned right it should only take you 1 bull cycle after your first as the first shows you what’s possible and you fall for all the mistakes, the second your planned and prepare a realistic risk level and place it more strategically, We should be focused on the new Strategic focused people lead by example towards the real goal of PUNDIX which is financial freedom and security.

Best way, vote with our feets (tokens).

May the best project(s) shine!


Totally agree with you.
Same sort of discussion in this thread :point_down:

Anyway, looking forward to the proposals…
Ready to vote!

Hi :wave: I can understand your concerns :+1:.
We have the look of an meme coin. But we aim to be a community coin for all future FX project.

We developing a mobile app for all users on the FX Chain. With announcement channel, forum integration and private messages between the users. Aiming for cross project communication between all project and proposals.

Also next step will be a mobile game with in-game shop.

Maybe you will follow our progress and we are able to change your mind over time :fox_face::fox_face::heart::heart:

I think we are not a shitty meme coin. Maybe we are in a complete new categorie….”community coin”

Best regards

Thilo aka. “Loil”

Meme coins are good for marketing of Function X coin. People need FX to buy meme coins in Function X core.

I really can appreciate your proposal.
Regardless of wether I’m waiting for a community coin…with games and message options.
That’s just not my thing.

But in know you are dedicated and it shows guts and courage to step in the front line and be the first to propose :slightly_smiling_face:
I think that’s cool.
And i will folow progress with interest.

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Lower security deposit to 2000 fx for first 10 projects. Will be good to increase of transactions in fx core from the users of the projects.
Or lower security deposits for projects that require less funding.
Security deposits can be proportional to funding asked.

Thank you for your reply.

Also the app can be used to get people voting for other proposals.

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they can also be very bad, the fud patrol will have a field day

Hopefully the first project will be something that is actually useful like Pundi X’s XPOS.

But don’t get me wrong, i don’t mind having memecoins on fxcore too as long as more people transact and use fxCore.

But the first or the first few projects definitely have to be something that have real utility that can complement Function X and Pundi X ecosystem.

I’m still looking forward to your project! Good luck! :slight_smile: @Fox_Coin

Having games will also attract younger investors too which is actually pretty good since they can spread to their friends if the games are fun.

Like playing the nokia snake game and earn points etc.

Shall be looking at all the cool proposals and good luck to all project owners/devs ! :smiley:

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I would advice you… don’t see your coin as a meme coin, why don’t you think bigger by changing the mindset of a memecoin into a real gamefi coin instead… i have some ideas that can make your project one of a kind and ofcouse not seen as a meme coin.

Don’t forget gamefi are the next big thing right now in Crypto…

Also you might need more funding and more game developers to make this idea work and effective


Yea agreed, categorized it as a gaming coin instead of listing it as a memecoin.