How long does cross chain transaction?

Hey Community,

how long does it takes before the cross chain transaction is visable in my FX wallet?
The thansaction was: Pundix ERC20 → Native Function X token.

All is completed, but it isn’t visable in my wallet, anyone now why? or how long it takes?

Kind regads!

Here the transaction to function x =wallet.

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You sent it to f(x)Core instead of PundiXChain, you will need to send them over to PundiXChain (you will need little bit of FX as gas for that)

how can i fix it?

First you need to get ~1FX for gas to send them over to PundiXChain, after that you go to CryptoBnk, choose f(x)Bridge, from - f(x)Core [make sure you select Pundix as token] - to PUNDIX and sign transaction.

You mean 1FX core? Or ERC20?

on f(x)Core

But that’s the same i have done yesterday? ERC20 PUNDIX to NATIVE FX CORE

Or do i have to send FX ERC20 to FX core?

You have to send FX ERC-20 to f(x)Core
FX and PUNDIX are 2 different assets

Ah that make sense, thanks!
Than i can better wait i have staked my pundix for FX and now every week i get earnings to claim.
I will claim it before the 5th of december dan dan send them over from ERC20 FX to f(x)Core.

And after that the transaction is visable because i have enough balance to pay the F(x)Core fee right?

To see your PUNDIX on f(x)Core you can tap “+ Add Asset”, search for “Pundix” and add one with “f(x)Core” next to it.

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Done, thanks!

You’re welcome!

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