How to Claim (staking) rewards and Redeem Fx & Pundix


I staked on F(x) Wallet (iPhone app) both Pundix and Fx tokens. I wasn’t able to claim rewards because of the high ETH fees and shared this issue last October 6 in Telegram, where an admin advised me to wait and retry once fees would be lower.

Now, I do understand I shall not move tokens before Pundi X chain goes live, but I’m not able to claim my rewards anymore in the wallet. Were those frozen?

thanks in advance for your feedback

there was no staking before March this year

The first mandatory claim was until 30 June.
If you didn’t do this mandatory claim, your rewards are locked and nothing could be done.
Just redeem your tokens. Stake already over.
Now you can stake fx directly to validators and pundix also will be available to stake in one or two weeks

Understood, thanks - although for staking direclty to validators we need to wait for the go ahead which will happen in a few days once the Pundi X chain is deploied, right?

Yes wait, you will need to move on chain, wait for instructions

Try doing a claim around GMT 9 - 10 AM, fees should be less

For Pundix yes. fx you can