How to delegate to other validator?

I have delegated to one validator, want to delegate to the other. How to do that?

get more fx and delegate to another or undelegate some and then delegate that to another, undelegation takes 21 days you won’t see that coin for that undelegation period neither is the coin earning in the undelegation time, some delegation video’s on you tube

but the only one used validator appeared, can not open validator list. how to choose another one?

instead of tapping the view My Delegations tab, tap the one above that says Delegate and choose from the list

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@LKYBOB ok, thank you.

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How about FXUSD Rewards, they reward for what? how to get them?

something on the way not there yet


yes but you can’t get it or use it yet

@LKYBOB :grinning: ok, thank you.

I can not find the explanation about FXUSD, what and how to get them. @zaccheah


you can’t get it or use it yet

it should be not appeared on wallet yet.

why dose it cause you pain and suffering

all menu displayed should be ready for use.

Is ready for use just the currency is not available yet