How to develop our block explorer (upcoming)
-There are multiple meanings for matrix but the most common one is something from which another originates, remember matrix diagrams we were taught or matrix organisations
-Catchy, technical and easily pronounced
-Two syllables

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fxscan … suggested above … short and self explanatory…

scanfx works for me too :slight_smile:

Well if we talking exploring let’s look at famous explorers.

So maybe these?

Vespucci or Pucci
Sacagawea or Wea

Just as thought.

Just had a look through the names of the explorers for the top 25 coins/tokens. SnowTrace seems to be an outlier.

Their domains either exists as:

  1. explorer.*.io/.org/.com
  2. *
  3. *

*Indicating company/project name

So, (preferable since it is shorter) and seems to the be only choices if we want to follow what is expected and what people will most likely type on google search.

Other suggestions to call the explorer:

LayerX (Based on the chart that was tweeted as theoritically it can have infinite tps, parachains and subchains). is available (“Live” indicating the dynamic nature of the webpage). Goes well with the other products.

Also, why not wait for ENS on FunctionX. This way the possibilities can be endless and premium names can be acquired at a reasonable price.

how about lets Xplodeee

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Who can?

I can
You can

My bloXcan


Considering that future custom chains might use this all-encompassing explorer, can we have * (or .com) without reminding them it’s only fx. Otherwise my best feeling is


Okay, this does provide clarity on what you were looking for. (Para short for parachain) (Sounds cools and also catchy so have included them) (Sounds cools and also catchy so have included them) (easy to remember, thats why I included it, .com available but is premium) (As Stars creates Galaxies) (exa referring to the mathematical term, also has an X which I like,

As what is required is now clearer, people should be able to come up with more brilliant suggestions.

If you are willing to use a non-english word, (French for logic is available, the use of this name on the explorer would separate it from fx, so the other chains have a distinct identity)

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Since we are based on Cosmos, here are some universe ideas since we will be connecting to every blockchain (star) out there in the future. ( i kinda like this ) ( elon named all his future base on mars as starbase, stargate, starship )
it may receive alot of organic views just for the name itself since space exploration has been getting more traction over the past few years.

Sorry, been watching too much space shows.

Here is another one:
-Two Syllables
-Easy on the tongue
-“Hash” related to blockchain
–Is a function, so related to Function X branding
-similar to “snowtrace” of avalanche as “snow and avalanche” are related
–short and the domain length is the same is also available but expensive

How about something related to the explorers of history?

*Calypso / Calypso Scan

Ecology is a science of the 20th century and if a contemporary “patron saint” had to be chosen, it would have to be the French sailor and explorer Jacques Cousteau. He was a pioneer in carrying out campaigns in defense of the environment and led by example, aboard his famous Calypso laboratory ship.

PD: How curious, I just read that the Calypso sank for the first time in Singapore after colliding with another barge in 1996 :sweat_smile:

For lovers of maritime navigation there are good names:


In Jules Verne’s novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” Captain Nemo sailed with his submarine Nautilus

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@Riz_Truth @SCENE is pretty cool

@Aravan the names are cool, but not be the easiest for non native / latin speakers.


Considering how statistics has shown that the topic about space has been increasing at a rapid pace over the past few years and Elon musk naming all his inventions starting with star, the name itself - or .com could be a potential investment.

We may even receive organic visitors from non-crypto people, which is literally free marketing.

Easy to pronounce and short form - SS aka starscan.


Agreed. I would also like to point out that the word “Star” denotes someone/something that plays a preeminent role and also define something of outstanding excellence.

Following the industry standard: FXSCAN


We will be naming the upcoming blockchain explorer It will house the transaction details of FXCore, PundiXChain, MarginX and future subnets from Function X.

@Riz_Truth and @SCENE congratulations and thank you!