How to improve the youtube channel

Hello Everyone, I have been working hard on expanding the channel and making videos, While I am preparing a proposal to further kickstart the channel further, I would like to ask your input on what I could do to improve the channel/videos, what is needed to get you to subscribe.

Things I am working on atm are the improving of the audio quality and better thumbnails, any tips/suggestions on what you think will improve these are welcome.

Here is the link to the Channel:

Right now I am doing this in my spare time late at night after work. it is a zero budget production, the most expensive piece of equipment I have is my microphone I had laying around from my earlier attempt at a channel.


On youtube, titles combined with thumbnails are one of the deciding factors when it comes to how good a video will do.

Feel free to look at this video explaining the situation in-depth: Clickbait is Unreasonably Effective - YouTube

Including sort of a face attached to the voice speaking might also prove to be beneficial.

Oh and, usually people watching videos on youtube might not be that familiar with us and our products, therefore reading the hash-out does no good to them since existing knowledge of our ecosystem is needed to properly understand the hash-outs.

And the last piece of advice I’ve got is to diversify your content, either bring some other cool new developments in the crypto world or find your own passions to translate into videos. Focusing on a niche subject might limit your growth, and you definitely need that at the beggining.