How to receive FX for testnet?

I’ve setup a node, it’s fully synced. Is there any place (like in previous testnets) to receive FX which is required to register the validator for Testnet network?

Found this faucet for fxCore testnet, might be useful :slight_smile:

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Hey this only allows 10 FX per 24 hours. I have a node setup and would like to start validating. \

address on testnet is fx13zqdna4zr7zzskg0763jfajn2a0kxycvk7ucal.

On your FxWallet app, configure to FX TestNet, then create around 10 (or more) FX TestNet addresses. Ask 10 faucet FX for each address, then send them to your TestNet node address…

There is a new website:
For the new testnet, as per F(x) Core validator node setup on f(x)Core Testnet - #261 by FrenchXCore post.

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Testnet chain and version was recently updated to ‘dhobyghaut’. Check the main thread to setup your node correctly.