How Vesting process works?

When you redelegate to different validator, your funds goes through unlocking process called Vesting (it’s shown in the Explorer).
Does it mean you’re delegating to new validator right away, or it’s going to happen after 21 days (you’re still with your old one?)?

Otherwise if the switch is immediate (rewards coming from the new one), what’s the point of Vesting process?

Good question.
I think i have the same question, does this message :point_down:(see screenshot) is what @kenorb means?

I redelegated some fx to public validator. In my opinion it is instandly, my daily reward changed a bit.

Is it some sort of locking period for the redelegated tokens?
I would understand, to avoid “delegation hopping” to fast.
But can’t find anywhere if my assumption is right and how long locking period is.

btw: is the nammy validator yours @kenorb ? Must be, right :slightly_smiling_face:?


Or maybe this text has something to do with it :point_down:.

Redelegated 3 times from company to individual validator.
So maybe the automatic reward claim is counted in the max 7 redelegation actions?
And that’s why i can’t redelegate from 1 individual validator to another individual validator within 21 days now?

Yes, that’s correct.

I currently have the same issue.
Re-delegated twice from 2 team’s validators to another one.
Now, I’m trying to redelegate to a public validator, and it fails, telling me I can’t redelegate more than 7 times witrhin 21 days.
@Richard : would you have some technical explanation please ?
Thanks in advance…

this guy did a fantastic explanation on relegation. our logic follows this exactly.
you may refer to this link


Thanks! Great and logical article, makes sence.