How's this idea: FX supports a Group Buy feature -- buy 1 BTC with only 10 USDT!item #6 in the public monday board

If you want to buy 1 BTC or 1 ETH, but only with 10 USDT. I believe many people also want to have such an idea using a small amount of USDT to buy very high-value BTC or ETH.

So how to realize this idea, why not to deploy a group purchase contract on Function X, and everyone pays to this contract together. When the funds in the contract reach 1 BTC, Swap will be triggered and the exchange will be automatically exchanged on the chain. 1 BTC and draw an address through a random algorithm to reward the BTC for group purchase to this address. Addresses that have not received BTC rewards will also receive some airdrops, such as: FX, PURSE, PUNDIX or new currencies. Everyone will be rewarded for participating in group purchases.


I don’t understand the point doing it this way, But it would be more interesting to me if the 1 BTC brought went into a luquidity pool that earns FX an everyone that brought in on the btc get’s a Monthly return of the FX; and the contracts of each BTC group buy holds for a 5 year contract in which everyone whom brought in get there % of BTC back in USDT in 5 years, also would make the miminum about 100 to 1000 or the returns would not be worth the efforts in my opinion

wont make that a feature of fx… but it can be an idea for a lottery dapp once fx core is opened…

Yeah, lottery Dapp is a good idea. We hope that there will be more fun Dapps to show the convenience brought by the powerful cross-chain function of f(x)Core. And hope that more scenes like Defi and Gamefi will be open, so that Function X will prosper after it supports more application scenes.

Great idea! Try your luck

this is item #6 in the public monday board

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