I have a dapp idea (1)

I have a dapp idea (1)
1.We can do PoolTogether on fx’s evm
2.The user deposits FX into the contract
3.The contract delegates fx to the validator
4.The fx reward obtained will be given to a random user
5.This is suitable for all cosmos chains


Not bad; but rather then using our own funds that would be of no return to us, propose / Appeal to the project to put 100k of the FXDM funds delegated into a validator that chooses a random fx wallet forever every week to Pay an Reward Prize.

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I don’t recommend this as it doesn’t help fx’s lockup volume


Few things to consider:

  • Smart contract random numbers aren’t safe to use. Random won’t be really random.
  • Using a reentrancy attack, somebody can hack the funds.
  • What’s the point of giving to a random user? Most likely you’ll receive less than delegating a regular method.
  • No easy access to your funds or to redelegate.
  • How/who is going to have access to withdraw the funds? Or they’re going to be forever locked?
  • If validator becomes inactive, somebody have to transfer funds to another one to protect it.
  • Whole pool is risking slashing penalty without ability for people to redelegate funds on time to another validator.
  • What’s the point? What are the real benefits?

Thanks for the suggestion!
I think we should focus on value first, there is always a way to solve technical problems
for users

  1. Save and withdraw anytime. Instead of waiting 21 days.
  2. Have the chance to win the big prize (we need to know that the pledged apy is not high, especially for small capital users)
    for ecology
  3. Increase the lock-up amount of fx/pundix
  4. Increase the use value of fx/pundix
    And this project can continue to expand the gameplay, such as fomo3d
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Good idea, how can the contract control the delegation ratio to ensure withdraw at anytime

“Reserves” are needed here.

Or we can use multiple pledges to ensure that there is always a certain percentage of flexible funds