Important questions from the Turkish community

Hello my friends

I want to do something useful for new investors in the group. Can you help me?

As you know, there is a lot of fud news on social media. Most of the Turkish investors in the group invested in the post-swap pundix. Our friends are in panic and sadness because of the price drop and the fud news. By explaining the project and its potential to our new worried friends, we try to ensure that they become a pundix holder and look to the future with confidence. We want them to write nice things about pundix on social media. For people who cannot follow the developments due to language difference, we contact the experienced people in the English group.

I take notes of the most frequently asked questions in the group and try to transfer them to the group after learning. I want you to inform me about these matters. Can I ask you the questions I took notes?

I want to create a nice template about frequently asked questions. Do you have time?

  1. We know that the FX mainnet network will be much faster and cheaper than the erc20 network. Will it be used as a transfer route on various exchanges when it happens? (like bep20 trc20 erc20)

  2. Will entrepreneurs who want to create tokens be able to create tokens on the fx network because it is cheaper and more affordable?

  3. The FX pool started decreasing at 71/75 and zac is looking for whales on the forum and social media. A whale without fx cannot collect enough fx from the exchanges. because exchanges do not have this amount of fx. If a whale with a very high fx cannot be found, can’t the company fill the pool itself?

  4. We have not seen a competitor to XPOS devices with the same functionality. But exchanges produce cards that can be used for trading crypto assets (coinbase card, binance card, paribu card, etc.). Is XPOS device required for the use of these cards? if the XPOS device is not required is that bad for us?

  5. We think that the function of PUNDIX on XPOS devices works like the BNB coin on Binance. (low commission, burning the amount deducted for commission) However, today the use of XPOS is very low compared to various Pos devices. In this case, how long does it take to burn a significant amount of PUNDIX (enough to affect the price) in incineration events?

  6. What should we say to Turkish investors who bought Pundix at the highest price without knowing the price increase before the conversion, and could not accept this price decrease and rebelled? Everyone is aware of the potential and functionality of the project. Maybe if it weren’t for such a price drop, everyone would wait in safety and peace.

  7. We are very concerned about the emergence of competing projects. Let’s imagine that there will be a different POS device project that enables shopping and trading with crypto. What will it take for this project to be usable and how long will it take?

  8. There is a thread about “mining on XPOS devices”. Can you explain this?

  9. As you know, there is a ban on shopping with crypto assets in our country. It exists in various countries as well. We know it will pass with time. People think that they will shop with crypto assets with high volatility. He forgets that it can be done with stablecoins. (who can’t fit into the age of technology will have to accept it over time). 100 XPOS were initially sent to El Salvador. Let’s assume that Turkey approves trading with crypto. Our country’s population is 86 million and we are one of the countries with the most PUNDIX investors. How many XPOS were shipped to start with?

  10. We could not stake pundix on Erc20 because the transfer fee was too high. Will there be a staking opportunity again after the mainnet?

  11. We have heard that the PR reward token will not be distributed for PUNDIXs on exchanges. And we can’t send it to fx wallet because the transfer fee is high. I wonder if we can get the reward token if we send it on the trust wallet belonging to the binance exchange?


Hey @Serhatx, thank you so much for taking your time and asking these questions. Turkish Community is really important for PundiX & FunctionX projects.

I’m going to tag staff members who surely will answer your questions clearly. So, please @zaccheah @Danny @DavidK @eduardstal you have the opportunity to answer these questions from the Turkish Community.

Don’t forget to share these answers to the Community, because if we want this project to succeed, we need to go together in the same direction. If we stop those bad comments related to “scam project”, attacking constantly Zac and the team, talking every time about price and no talking about the real project behind nobody will want to join, and if nobody wants to join the project price will decrease. But if we stop those bad comments done constantly, and we all together start focusing on the milestone achieved, the good news, and doing the same way that you did (asking important questions) everything will be fine and price will recover exponentially.

We are in a crucial moment and we need to go all together.

Again, thank you so much for your comments and questions, hope the staff members reply ASAP.



Hi @Serhatx ! Great work on formulating the questions.

Based on your post, it is unclear exactly what kind of template you are looking to create. Do however let me know if I can put my visual deisgn skills to good use by helping you with the visual part. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation, a slide show for Instagram or an an animated movie, I can help providing the assets to make it all look sleek and sexy. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your attention my friends. We’ve seen a lot of useless assets make their way through powerful advertising. Pundix is a great project, but (especially Turkish investors) has been exposed to a lot of FUD news. I will learn the system, its operation and investment advantages down to the last detail and prepare posters with rob. Now is the time to advertise against fud news on social media.


As far as I was able to understand talking to people from Turkey, a big problem for them to be up to date and understand the project is the language barrier. If they read the white paper and do not understand 80% of the important things and google translate often does not translate correctly, it is easy to panic because their only source of information is the falling price …
I support Serhat’s work to translate into Turkish all the information related to the project in order to bring it closer to his friends and help them understand. And I ask the team and admins @zaccheah @Danny @DavidK @eduardstal to explain to Serhat everything he needs to be explained, things he does not understand so that he can educate his friends as well as possible. Thank you for your time and effort!


I also support Serhat’s idea. It seems that Turkey is the biggest country with PundiX holders and they have the right to know what they invested in. A language barrier should not exist. Now they only see the price falling down but then they don’t know what’s happening behind the screen and what’s coming. That could be a reason of the huge concentration of FUD.

When the most important questions about PundiX/FX in general and answers answered in Turkish, i think that be positive. Serhat wants to help ppl to understand in what they invested but for that the team or/and us provide the info needed. Also the answers on the questions could be in English and Spanish and then pushed into social media and here in the forum.

A community should be fully connected looking in the same way towards the light. Not exist out of 2 camps (supporters vs FUD spreaders).Support the projects and help ppl that have questions is :key:.

Thank you for your effort Serhat. It would very help your friends.


Hello @Serhatx

Yes, if a community individual (aka whale) cannot help reach the goal, we can bring the needed tokens, still, we hope a community individual would take Zac’s offer.

Since we cannot predict future transactions of the XPOS, we can work on increasing them by setting up a network of distributors and various countries and helping the XPOS reach a bigger user-base.
When it comes to the XPOS fees, any merchant can set their own fees in the Pundi X Merchant platform. Now let’s have an example of a merchant who has set a 5% fee on their device. If any customer pays with any crypto asset linked in the XPOS, a small part of that fee will be burned, and a higher part will be given back to the merchant. Let’s take a scenario where someone buys 100$ worth of groceries with ETH. The total being paid by the customer is 105$, where 35% of the 5$ fee will be burned an 65% of the 5$ fee will go back to the merchant.
The burn process isn’t instantaneous though, we collect the burn fees and every quarter we buy-back the equivalent amount of $PUNDIX and burn it.

Doing your own research is one important step one can take when joining a new project, investing blindly is one of the bad practices that the blockchain space hasn’t fully learnt yet, but we hope and believe that people can learn from mistakes and inform themselves before jumping into trades in the future.

It took us three years to get where we are currently, so for any project looking to follow our path there is a certain time and resources they need to invest to get where we are, and still, we have the upper hand. But any new crypto-POS project is welcome, crypto adoption is good for everyone in this space and we believe everyone benefits from it.

Our Function X Blockchain is made of two types of nodes:
Full nodes aka Validators: They validate transactions and run on proof of stake
Service nodes: They provide services and run on proof of service. Service nodes are not involved in block creation like full nodes.
All XPOS devices are going to be service nodes.

Our commitment to El Salvador was part of a deal with their government to celebrate the new developments of accepting bitcoin as legal tender. While we cannot promise any deals with Turkey as of now, we are certainly interested to be part of such a deal once Turkey decides to ease the laws on cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you’ll be able to delegate your tokens to various validators across the network.

The PR reward token will be given to holders of $PUNDIX and holders of $NPXSXEM(Which will be swapped entirely to $PR).
A Reward token allows users to participate in NFT auction and airdrop, discount vouchers, gamification items, collectibles and more. This reward token will benefit active token holders because to claim the reward token one has to move $PUNDIX from ERC-20 into Function X and stake. We may bridge the reward token to BEP20 to take advantage of Binance’s ecosystem.

There are a few questions I haven’t touched yet, and I’ll leave them to the rest of the team. (1,2 and 4)


To add to my answer, I am glad to be working directly with @Serhatx @MrSinaN, @Cryptowars, Telegram: Contact @yigitcanemec, and Telegram: Contact @SedatKahramn to improve and educate our Turkish community


This is great! Thanks for the answers @eduardstal

Looking forward to seeing the community efforts in helping our counterparts understand!


Thanks you have said it all …


Amazing. Thank you for the clarification on a lot of things. It is nice to hear official PundiX employees clarifying these important things rather than the community speculating with no clear answers for days.


So it means if the community fail to stake till the target is reached then the team fill it up? Then it means that mainnet will be launched anyway. I still hope that whales will fill the gap.


Thank you for all this information @eduardstal. There are others questions to be answered but finally everything is clear. :+1: :+1:

Nevertheless, we have to continue pushing posts on social media, everywhere, to engage a pair of whales who quitted off. Let’s make an strategy communication for the community and if @rob is agree with me, he can put the magic (as always do).


Community Marketing Strategy Topic

how does the ingenico partnership fit into point (5)? are the tokens burnt in the same way as they are in XPOS machines?

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Thanks. Edward

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Thank you Edvard.