Improvements for FX Explorer

I would like to propose an improvement for the FX Core. In this case, it should be related to FX Explorer.

In my opinion, in the home page, in the initial section where there is a summary of the number of transactions, blocks, etc., I would include the following information:

  • Total, Max and Circulating Supplies of FX
  • % of Circulating FX wrt Max Supply
  • Current Supply of FX in FX Core
  • Current Supply of FX in ETH Blockchain
  • Real Time Staked Ratio
  • Real time values of FX Core Parameters → Target Staked Ratio, Inflation Rate Change Variable, Annual Inflation Rate, etc.
  • Current APY by delegating
  • Besides of FX/USD pair and graph, add FX/BTC and FX/ETH pairs and graphs.

Finally, I propose to add in FX Explorer or even in FX Wallet app a simplified version of validator/delegator rewards calculators.

The original calculators ask for values that can be extracted directly from FX Core like Current Supply, Inflation Rate, Block Time, Ecosystem Tax Rate… and so, I propose to add a simplified version where the user only needs to input the selected validator, the time period and the FX delegated and can receive the estimated rewards for the time period indicated and the estimated APY.

For example, it should be helpful for new delegators, for new users thinking about becoming validators and for delegators thinking about changing to another validator.


Good suggestions, would be nice to have these implemented, especially regarding real time currect supply as there’s no such information anywhere to find since supply is increasing constantly.

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@indra @Chloechloe take this into consideration for our pipeline.


Also, just like both ETH and BSC explorer, they have a “Tag Name” system whereby we can insert a name to a specific address.

Like fx1230423497283490823498 - SCENE

Easier to see for future reference when we have a bunch of wallets. We can also tag “Staking Addresses” “Validators” etc instead of seeing just the address itself.

Can only name-tagged an address when someone create an account. It is only for oneself to see.

I mean for future features, not that important right now but something to consider down the road since all other explorer are doing it also for convenience sake.

Hahah, yea i did ask for the calculator feature in the FX Wallet Features to be introduced.

Basically naming it -Daily Earnings - or something else based on how much you have or want to purchase.

Automate it for those who staked already in the rewards section.

AND a separate calculator for those who PLAN to stake so they can key in the amount they plan to stake and see the “approx earnings” that is auto-calculated.

How much you stake and how much you are earning approximately per day, per month, per year.

This will actually boost even more people to stake since staking is the trend now and our APY is way higher than all the others. Everything is to make it rarer by having less supply on exchanges and more in the staking protocol.

Good suggestions @Cryptogon13 :+1:

That was quick!

They added Total Max Supply



And it updates in real time. Great job!!


Just to clarify, is that total token supply, the circulating supply?

Great approvements/additions to the fx explorer.
Love it.
And extra statistics page is great to.

That’s the total token supply, slowly increasing due to block rewards.

They haven’t added the current circulating supply which is about 275m++ or something.

Isn’t it the other way around?
I thought the number “token total supply” in the screenshot is the circulating supply, including all minted coins?

Total Max supply is 1.89b
That will be minted in 15 years.

yes, you are correct.

it is the circulating supply, and the max supply will be minted in 15 years.


That was quick. Nice.

Actually it is not the circulating supply.

  • That’s the total supply - increasing every 5s because of block rewards
  • And the Max Supply is 1.8b in 15 years.

Picture is from CoinGecko - not real-time data.

Circulating supply is counted via all tokens that are in public being traded - excluding company’s locked reserved.

Circulating supply doesn’t count company’s holding unless they plan to release it into the free market.

Isn’t this correct?

Circulating supply is different from total supply on Coingecko and CMC because difference got sent to FXCore. Newly added “Token Total Supply” is currently circulating supply constantly updating, including every token that is minted.

Total token supply is constantly increasing due to block rewards minting new tokens, increasing in real-time.

Circulating supply is tokens that are publicly traded - doesn’t count locked tokens like the company’s. Circulating means constantly moving in the free market - this is also increasing since block rewards are awarded too. It moves in tandem with total supply.

This is from Binance btw.

Total supply is totally different from circulating supply.

The current tokens on the explorer is the total supply including company’s tokens. Circulating is not total supply.

Total Circulating Supply - i think currently is 290m++ due to inflation
Total Supply - 390m+ increasing due to inflation
Total Max Supply - 1.8b - maxed

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Thanks, and completely understandable.
I think we all mean the same.
The terminology can be a bit confusing and in my opinion determined by exchanges, see the article you refer to.
They need that for their core business.
Imho we don’t need that on fxwallet.

In my simple reasoning there is a max supply (1,8b) and a current (increasing) supply.
That part of the current supply is circulating and part is locked…whatever…:grin:

Any further advances in all this?

Check out my delegation excel calculator i made a while back

Hi everyone,

I have been working on expanding the fx calculator to work for Delegating.
you can now:
-register how much is delegated up to 37 validators.

  • see and calculate with your true weighted APY for when the APY between validators change
    -Calculate how much FX you are gaining in delegations per day, month an year assuming a static apy.
  • calculate how much dollar and other currency you make with your delegations.
  • calculate how many more FX you need to buy to reach a target amount of money per month/year.
  • calculate what % rise or fall is needed to reach a certain price based of the entered current price.
  • includes some links to FX related info and community.
    you can download the excel file with this link:

After downloading, hit ‘‘enable editing’’ in the yellow bar across the top of he screen to start your calculating

all you have to do is enter your apy’s, amount delegated, (your currency conversion if not using usd or euro) and your targets, and excel will do the rest.