Incentives for Liquidity Provider on FXSwap

@sinainthecity afaiu, Kujira allows you to stake Kujira tokens and earn a portion of the platform’s liquidation profits. FXSwap does not have any liquidation mechanism so I’m afraid the Kujira model does not apply.

It’s perhaps something we can encourage Baklava team @Keith to look at? Given that theirs is a synthetic platform with collaterization. Why don’t you post this question during the upcoming AMA which they will speak.

As for Grizzly, it’s a automated liquidity mining platform which seeks the best yield and protection for miners. It would be interesting to see Grizzly or something like this get deployed on Function X. And even to start with auto yield compounding DApp for delegation will be great. Are you still building one @FrenchXCore ? I hope you are, because this is something useful.


Yes, Zac, I understand, of course, we have to build on FxChain this kind of application, and you can be sure I will use all of them. I can see an exciting project with fox and NFT. It’s fantastic to assist with the development.

For the AMA, it’s a bit difficult for me with the hour of México because it’s like 6 AM for me when you make it at 9 PM. But Yes, I would like to contribute more for Fx, Pundix, Purse, Margin X, etc ect

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Hi Zac’!
Still working on it, but changes which happened with EVM (FxCore classic and FxCore tokens) are forcing me to redesign everything. It almost worked great before v2.0 publication :sob:
And since i want to have a clear and simple dApp, it’s gonna take some more time.



Speaking about this Incentive Campaign, I think it will be very nice if FX Swap can add a “Zap” feature. With this additional feature, users just need to add a single token ($FX) and the contract will automatically split it into LP pairs.

Reference: Meet Zap: PancakeSwap's New Liquidity Provisioning Feature

Do you think it is necessary?
  • Yes
  • No

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This would be awesome. Can we also add bnb,btc, etc. and the contract will split it into Fx/usdt pairs?

btc should to be awesome

Hi @FxWorldValidator, the way Zap works is, you can choose one of the tokens from the pairing to split.

Eg. Token Pair → FX/USDT - you can choose to add either FX or USDT and it will split 50:50 accordingly. You can’t choose a token that is not from the pair itself.

  • FX/USDT → FX or USDT or both
  • FX/PUNDIX → FX or PUNDIX or both
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@SCENE With Eg. you can add btc etc. into BUSD/BNB pool. Im just wondering if we can this too.

btw why is the fxg pool not participating yet? @indra

2nd: yes zap feature would be nice, but the liquidity has to be high and stable BEFORE introducing zap… zap can easily crash a low liquidity market when used with high slippage ^^

Hi !

I’m kinda worried.
FX Proposal #21 delivered a 5M FX incentive for LP farming.
However, I can only see 1.679 FX being delivered each week here :
It would then take 57 years (!!!) to distribute this incentive.
I was expecting 1 to 5 years, with the amount reducing as people provide more liquidity into the pool.

What’s the plan to distribute it evenyl and in a timely manner ?
Is the amount of FX delivered each week proportional to the size of the LP ?
What’s then the target objective for the LP size ?
What’s the target objective for the incentive duration ?


P.S.: Also, can we have any visibility if projects funds are being used to provide liquidity ? (I’m assuming the LP tokens would not be farmed then).

As the Function X ecosystem expands, the 5M will be distributed to all pairs, I’m assuming.

Take for example, if there are 100 pairs in the coming future when there are partnerships and collaborations, it will be 100 x 1600 FX = 160,000 FX per week ALONE → (assuming all pair get the same incentive rate)

The plan is long-term. So that every main pair can get a piece of the incentive, I’m assuming.

At this early stage, I personally think we should only incentivize main pairs, like WFX and ETH pairs. @SCENE like to hear your feedback on this. Thank you ser.

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In my opinion, we should have incentive for all pairs but have very attractive APR (40%+) for the main token pairs.


This will attract new users to the FX ecosystem since it will give incentive for the main token bag holders to earn FREE FX and introducing them the awesome FX wallet and much more.

Also, for the above to work, team should limit the high APR for first X amount of liquidity and lower return rate above it. This will make sure all the rewards are not sucked up by few whales.


Actually, I disagree with having a limit.

Rewards are distributed proportionally based on each person’s stake. By limiting, we are scaring away whales.

And since we are decentralized, this means that we should be promoting transparency and fairness, which means → A neutral stance with no bias towards any whales, shrimps, or prawns.

Everyone will receive rewards based on their total stake, proportional to their contribution to the liquidity reserves. This is the same among all the farms and other chains.

It wouldn’t be fair to put a limit on people with a certain net worth.

By putting a limit on it, you will essentially be cutting off protocols that plan to build strategies on top of FXSwap through smart contracts that acts as a single entity, like what projects do on top of Uniswap. Like AutoFarm or rebalancing LP strategies.

But I do agree that we should have an attractive APR for the main pair like FX/USDT since the Function X ecosystem runs and operates on $FX.


I also disagree with the limit.
As for the pairs, i think FX should only incentivize FX pairs FX-FXG, FX-USDT, FX-USDC, FX-PUNDIX, FX-PURSE…since money is being drawn from FX community pool.
Other pairs would be limited to LP fees.


any idea to move purse farm and stake to fxcore ?

The idea with the limits is to attract more volume of users. So for example first $1000 liquidity gets you 50% APR, and anything over distributed as per pool funding rate. The regular funding rate should be attractive too (e.g. 20%-30%) which would attract bigger organizations/whales to still invest.

Otherwise few whales will suck up the APR, and pool won’t have juicy returns to attract new users.

Example: If i am a small bag holder of ETH and BTC, gives me a chance to earn FX with the bags I am holding, and now you have a new user exploring FX ecosystem.

It’s too late anyway. The smart contracts is already running for each LP pair being farmed.
I understand what you mean but still think it wouldn’t be fair for big holders.
And in all cases, since you need to own FX, you still need to gold Big amounts of FX as well.

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Hey All,

Some users might have realised that we have already supplied some incentives for the Liquidity Provider on FXSwap.

Currently we have 4 pools in the Farm as shown below and we will be adding majority of the incentives by end of the month!
You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to earn FX rewards, head over to FXSwap Farm now!


would love to see fxg there aswell :smiley: