Indonesia Region Marketing

hi i’am irpan from indonesia

For introduction, Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world. A huge market for crypto adoption.

I want to do marketing in Indonesia, by making a giveway and promotion of function x and pundix
I’m planning to make glasses and t-shirts with the function x pundix logo.

introduce the existence of function x and pundix to Indonesian people most Indonesians have never heard of crypto.
even crypto traders have never heard of function x and pundix.

Marketing promote:
distributing giveaway glass coffe and t-shirts with the pundix logo and function x.
provide education about the advantages of function x and the pundix ecosystem.

Promoting to telegram group, facebook group, Kaskus (indonesia reddit like)

just buy me a coffee
donate to my address fx1cnnhalcjuw56gnt9w8asut8x5zj48vanzhapjc

my twitter

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The idea of this EGF is to claim fx for your efforts, If you don’t require Funds you don’t need permission to promote Pundi Just do it, Put up a figure for funds you can use it for promotion’s people are not going to just donate to you. I will vote yes just to say yes we want you to do this, but I won’t be filling your wallet address

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@IvanFunctionX if you like to help on the Indonesian front, perhaps speaking to @Likoky and @indra , they are both Jakarta-based.

I’am at kalimantan

As an Indonesian I do aware that PUNDIX and FX are little known here. Kinda sad since we already have 6.5 million investors and USD 25.9 billion volume.

Years ago I attended a workshop whose one of the speakers was from Emurgo, a Cardano partner. They gave away t-shirts for everyone in the room. Not sure how strong it is related to popularity, but Cardano at the moment is the 3rd largest volume on Indodax, only below USDT and BTC.

I’d like to buy your t-shirt when they’re in stock :smiley: