Intern project: 2-player chess dapp

Hi everyone, I am a blockchain developer intern in PundiX.

I have created a 2-player chess dapp, and would love for you guys to test it out and provide your feedback! The game is here:

You can play against a friend (as long as you both have metamask installed and have ropsten test ethers in your accounts), or you can also play against yourself (if you want to practice, or you’re just bored or something :p) using 2 different web browsers, as long as both browsers have metamask installed. Tip: Google Chrome normal mode and Google Chrome incognito mode count as 2 different browsers!

Also, please use 2 different metamask accounts if you are playing against yourself, if not, you might only be able to claim back your 0.1 ETH stake once in the event of a stalemate.

Here are the game instructions:

  1. This game allows you and your opponent to bet 0.1 test ETH against each other. Please use only a browser which has the metamask extension installed!

  2. Please ensure that you are connected to the Ropsten Test Network on metamask. Test ETH can be obtained for free from the Ropsten faucets, such as:

(there are multiple more Ropsten faucets available, but I’m currently limited to being able to post only a maximum of 2 links on the forums, so you may search on Google for them if you require more test ETH)

  1. If you are the first player, click on start game, select your colour/piece, then share your unique game link generated with your friend.

  2. If you are the second player, copy the unique game link that your friend has shared, and paste it into your browser. You will then enter a match against your friend.

  3. Moves can be made only after both players have connected to metamask and staked 0.1 test ETH. To do so, click “Connect” on the top panel, then click on “Stake 0.1 ETH”, then wait for your 0.1 test ETH transaction to be completed.

  4. If a stalemate happens, both players will be able to claim back their stake of 0.1 test ETH. Do remember to claim back your stake before exiting or starting a new game! To do so, click “Register stalemate” and wait for the transaction to be completed, then click “Claim back 0.1 ETH”.

  5. If you win the game, you will be able to claim 0.2 test ETH (earning for yourself 0.1 test ETH in the process!) Do remember to claim your winnings before exiting or starting a new game! To do so, click “Register win” and wait for the transaction to be completed, then click “Claim 0.2 ETH winnings”.

WARNING: Please DO NOT refresh the page while the game is in progress, or you might lose your ability to claim back your test ETH!


Pundix has given us some new stuff to play with; but i’ll try once i’ve got through that to have a look

As most of you probably already know, our FX testnet is EVM compatible!

To demonstrate one of the many benefits of EVM compatibility, here’s the same game deployed on our FX testnet instead of an Ethereum testnet:

You may obtain test FX for free at our faucet here:

Please note that if you are seeing “failed transaction”, you may need to increase Max priority fee (GWEI) and Max fee (GWEI) to 4000


I used to play chess, love the game. I will try it out as soon as I can.

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I have gone to look but I’m struggling with remember how to get to connect a wallet, I have do some youtube research :grin:

Not sure if your name is Lee Kuan Yew, but I figured I should render some assistance to Singapore’s founding father :stuck_out_tongue:

This video will help you to set up metamask:

thanks but it don’t tell me how to get my metamask network to switch back to the testnet networks, I used it before, there is a small detail i don’t know, I get sick of trying to understand or remember after a while and move on to other things

I’m getting closer todays attempt i worked out I had turned off the visibility to the testnet networks; I some how put the faucet coin in the wrong wallet so i’m a bit confuse if it’s that or something else for why I can’t stake the 0.1 eth,

is there a single player mode and dose that need the staked coin, I got the game up with the invite code for another player but I wanted to get some practice in first, before i kick superbit’s ass :grin:
But I couldn’t do anything because I couldn’t stake the 0.1 eth i’m connecting with the ropsten test net, I’ll try get some more test eth on the other eth account tomorrow and try again.