Intern project: Simple Minigame

Hi all! I am currently an intern in PundiX as a fresh new blockchain developer.

I am trying to build this simple GameFi and would love to hear from everyone for feedback and suggestions. The concept to test here is more on the backend (connection to Web3, getting results stored on chain and getting the frontend tofetch the data etc) Therefore for currently, the UI is very basic and the gameplay is super straightforward:

Match 6 sets of images to complete the game!

In the long run, more games that are engaging and fun will come which will utilize the PURSE tokens for different purpose.

Without further ado, the game link is here:

Instruction to play:

  1. Connect Metamask to the website on Rinkeby network.
  2. Make sure you have some Eth to beging with, if you have none, feel free to visit this link and get some free Eth:
  3. Wait for the 12 images to load, and start playing! End goal is to match the images with the least/minimum moves.
  4. Once all 6 pairs are matched, click on End Game! to submit your results and it will prompt a Metmask transaction to submit your results.
  5. That’s it! The ranking table at the bottom will show who is the fast matching champion!

There are probably many bugs and errors that I did not encounter or aware so do share if you encounter any issues. I am really looking forward to all comments/feedback. :slight_smile:


Good luck with your internship.
And good to read you working on utilazation of the $purse through gamefi…
… never thought would say something like that, as an oldie who only is familiair with the “pong” game :slightly_smiling_face: oh and old school tetris…


Hi, good luck with your internship!

Just tried out the game, 2 things I found

  • When I reveal first image and click on second sometimes it doesn’t reveal that image
  • Leaderboard isn’t updating

Please give our intern @IAtheIntern more feedback on his minigame.


finishing the game, but no rank and score?


Hi @nomo0808! Thanks for trying out the game and also your feedback.
There was an issue with the frontend on the rank table.
It’s fixed now! Try to play for the best ranking as many times as you can :smiley:

Hi @aivisg ! Thanks for trying out the game and also your feedback.
There was an issue with the frontend on the rank table so that has been fixed!

On the image revealing I haven’t encountered so far, do you happen to know how would that be reproduced? Thanks!

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Thanks so much @Jan !
I was exploring some old school games before this too! Something like “Pacman” and “Flappybird” but with limited skillsets, this is what I can come out so far :joy:

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Didn’t realize that I could only edit post once ONLY! Here is some updates that I would like to share for version 1.0.1:

  1. Ranking list was not showing up since the site deployed. It’s fixed now. Screenshot:

  2. There were some testing entries from the earlier smart contract so I have re-deploy the SC therefore the ranking is fresh and brand new now! The 8 moves was my best record :stuck_out_tongue:

All and all, more feedback is welcomed and I appreciate all your effort to try out the game :love_you_gesture:

Not exactly sure how you could replicate that. What browser are you using? It’s happening for me on Google Chrome Version 96.0.4664.93.

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This game looks interesting. I love to see it became playable with

  1. score history
  2. reward system
  3. P2P

And also a way to make sure it can be play and grow this game.

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