Interview with Ryan Matta

Hi @zaccheah and @DavidK,

First, I’m very excited about the interview with Ryan Matta as there’s lots of newsworthy items to promote, but more specifically, the launch of the Dex. I’ve mentioned this in one of the threads before but I think it deserves its own thread.

I really, really hope you consider giving a sneak peak of the Dex during your interview with Ryan; it doesn’t have to be a whole video or presentation but even a few pictures of the UI and just talk about any unique features our Dex will have compared to others. If Zac says we’re going to launch an Alpha or Beta version by Christmas, I’m sure you’ll have enough to show for the interview.

This is a great, FREE, marketing opportunity at the perfect time as the interview is only a few weeks away from launch so we should take this opportunity to promote it and if you do, I’m sure everyone will use this as fuel for FXDM leading up to launch. We just need you to light the fire and we’ll run with it. Please don’t leave marketing to just a medium article or tweet on the day of launch, this is our first real product on our blockchain that people can use and I am excited for it and want everyone else to be excited for it too.



Yea i agree a sneak peak would do great marketing.

Like any movies in the entertainment industry, there are always sneak previews, trailers and shorts before the actual movie is released.

If it’s ready means they would have to hold it back to wait for the interview and it’s release, if it happens to be right on time for the interview why not, but if it’s not ready they may not be able to give any release date as it would only fuel bad press if they don’t make a listed date.

Yup, I agree with that, let’s hope there are no delays. But just so we’re in the same page, the interview is in about 10 days and they’re not releasing the dex in that time frame so your comment about holding off is moot. In the interview, they don’t have to announce a launch date but still show off the UI and talk about it’s features. I’ll finish this off with, I was just giving a suggestion for the team, you did not need to answer or give excuses for them not to do it.

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