Is there any possible VC Funding for Pundi X / Function X?

Recently read an article where multiple startups get funding from VC, angel investors or just private investors.

Is there any chance that Pundi X / Function X can try to get funding to boost their R&D even further and also to collab with other companies?

Or is Pundi X owned by Pundi Pundi which is also under Pundi Parent company so they don’t need any funding?

Crunchbase showed that Pundi Pundi raised 4mil in pre-Series A Funding and the profile shows @Danny & Constantine.

Last update on the Recent News & Activity shows Pundi X but dated back in 2018 so it’s not updated.

Image above is from: This startup is bringing Alipay-style QR code payments to Indonesia • TechCrunch

@zaccheah This twitter handle shows all the blockchain startup that get funding from angel investors, VC and private investors -

Example as of 17 Sept:

Maybe can get inspiration from these VC and angel investors to provide additional funding. Even robo-advisors recently has been raking up lots of funding although it is finance related.

Maybe pitch to the VCs and angel investors to get more rounds of funding to expand Pundi X even further and wider. The funders in the pic are pretty popular including Binance Labs, they funded seriously lots of new blockchain startups - like more than 100 already.

Take a look at that twitter.