Is this the 3 new institution validators?

Will there be any explanation on who they are, just to have a better understanding.


Yes, they are.

Team is preparing the announcements, and hopefully we can add a few more.


Awesome stuff! Their APY seems to be 2% higher since the commission is lesser :stuck_out_tongue:

When Codeless Nodes? please Zac

Good morning Zac, what role will the Ingenico, Verifone, PAX company play in the Pundix project, :rocket::hugs:

They have millions of devices all around the world the Xpos software can be loaded on too! Potentially Xpos can be every where by the millions in a heart beat, only regulations and demand hold us back really.

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and there is no possibility that the 3 above mentioned payment company can install pundix XPOS software

yes they can, don’t know where you get lost to this after what i just said

then all the company’s terminals could burn coins for every transaction made

Not super thrilled to hear about veriphone, pretty sure the point of crypto is to bi-pass the long-term thief’s and gougers…

all transactions through the xpos crypto payment system that involves PUNDIX fee’s will add to the coin burns yes

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If they are already using a Verifone unit paying rental costs for the unit the merchants fee of a pos device would be what it is normally using the fiat system other wise they might as well buy the Xpos model right?, the Xpos is an extension application to their existing units which increases the merchants wealth prosperity; fee’s to a customer are as the normal xpos TX fee for crypto users; unless the merchant them self add fee’s to cover taxes or other cost’s no different to any POS merchant

Fair enough. Just had some bad times with veriphone is all, sorry about the gut reaction lol.

today I saw this exciting video on Twitter, it is very interesting

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Actually, any device (computer, smartphone, Raspberry Pi, etc.) could be a decentralized XPOS if it was linked to a running & active mainnet validator.

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