Issue don't receive entire rewards

Hey David, I’ve forwarded the issue 3 times previously although I don’t have any information on it. May have to wait for the dev’s reply.

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Any of the devs still visit this forum???

Hey all, we’re aware of the ongoing issue with the contract and have identified the cause of it. We’re working to come up with a resolution over the next few days. Thanks!

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Thank you, Malcolm. I’m genuinely intrigued by the technique and functionality of this technology.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide us with an explanation. I’m looking forward to diving deeper into its intricacies.

Thank you, if there is a failure we would appreciate it if you could give us a statement or faster responses.

ETA on Thursday


The downside is all the LP days I lost from November 22nd, by not having those purses😔

Hello Zac, you have solved the problem of recovering the PURSE/BUSD ? from the LP farm, also that it will go through all the time without generating a purse with those PURSE. I remember ticket number 299551. Thank you

We have identified the users who had tried to claim their rewards and received zero PURSE, and they are as follows:

  1. 0xb6f9e4c6db0c4f3a7e8aff01077e601a7626409b
  2. 0xfa235972863481090c2e91d519810596a9ec1af4
  3. 0xbeadb1638cb46de09b691a11a9070d284445dfee
  4. 0x1ac8d5f6fd417ab2909a310ba671500ceabc0aed
  5. 0x30c568c5d6f9fb383986cfd6dd99effc0444b869

By tracing the contract history, we were able to calculate an estimate of the missing rewards for each of the above addresses.

The root of the issue was because PURSE rewards minted to the contract for claiming was set to 0 at block 33673092, resulting in the contract’s supply of claimable rewards depleting over time from that block.

A contract with a merkle proof verification will be deployed over the next week for the said addresses to claim their missing rewards. This contract is expected to be ready by next Friday (Dec 15).


For the aforementioned five addresses, compensation for the missing rewards will begin shortly.

The claim will begin on: Fri Dec 15, 2023 @ 20:00:00 GMT+0800 and end on: Fri Dec 22, 2023 @ 20:00:00 GMT+0800.

Please go to the rewards page and connect your wallet. A pop-up will appear if your address is one of the five addresses stated.

Please note that if you have not claimed your compensation past the end time, it will be considered as forfeited.

Thank you.

Hi,I sent you PM

Since I don’t know if you received the PM, I’ll mention it here. My address 0xBeadB1638Cb46De09b691a11A9070D284445dFEe is missing more than 300,000 PURSE that you have sent, added to all the lost time of the stake and even if it is very little, the claim again for the transaction. Can you check it please? thank you

This user spoke to me privately, Scamer, right?

Yes, it’s a scammer. No one will PM you first. Report it and block.

The team has performed the recalculations again and determined that the compensation is final.

address fromBlock toBlock
0xb6f9e4c6db0c4f3a7e8aff01077e601a7626409b 33651665 33673092
0xfa235972863481090c2e91d519810596a9ec1af4 22900257 33673092
0xbeadb1638cb46de09b691a11a9070d284445dfee 32853115 33673092
0x1ac8d5f6fd417ab2909a310ba671500ceabc0aed 32117788 33673092
0x30c568c5d6f9fb383986cfd6dd99effc0444b869 32562249 33673092

The fromBlock is the block at which an address performed the most recent successful claim prior to the PURSE rewards being set to 0 at block 33673092 (toBlock).

Among the 5 impacted addresses, the earliest block recorded for the most recent successful claim prior to block 33673092, is block 22900257.

The team extracted more than 10 million blocks worth of events to capture every interaction with the pool in order to calculate and replicate each user’s reward’s ratio movement throughout that entire block range.

The rewards for each of the 5 users is then determined by taking the user’s calculated staked amount, total staked in the pool at the fromBlock, and the proportional share of the pool they represent. This share was recalculated at every event that affected the user’s stake or the total stake in the pool; and every change in each user’s stake and the total stake is taken into consideration up to the toBlock inclusive.

This ensures all variations in the staking amounts, whether individual or total, were accurately reflected and accounted for in the rewards calculation.

Calculating up to block 33673092 provides a clear and definite endpoint for all reward calculations. This ensures that all users (not just the five impacted users) participating in the pool are treated equally based on the rules defined in the smart contract, and that the amount calculated is fair in the context of all users participating in the pool.

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I do not agree, because I know what my rewards were at that time and I repeat that we also lost the stake of all that time from the failure until it was solved.

Please make a call and discuss for a solution. To much drama it’s sad.