It's not being transmitted. How do you solve it?

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It’s not being transmitted.
How do you solve it?

Can you please copy and paste the transaction IDs in here ? (easier than to copy manually from picture)

From f(x)Core



To Ethereum




Here(s what I would assume: the bridge fee being relatively low, the network is probably waiting to group your transaction with others to save on fees because the ETH network might be congested.
Don’t worry : it’ll come out.

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Thank you.

If it’s impossible today,
I’ll reply.

No, actually, it seems like we are waiting for more relayers to confirm the forwarding of your transaction to Ethereum. Don’t worry : there’s a block ID failure timeout. If ever your transaction times out, the FX will return to your FX wallet.
And thx for the redelegation BTW. :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting for an hour.

There’s another person like me.
Is the Ethereum network the problem?

Well, I don’t fully understand how the relaying from FxCore to ERC20 works, but it seems like it took 2 hours for the FxCore-to-ETH orchestrators to relay your transaction.
But it went through ! Transaction succeeded…

I solved it.
Thank you for taking care of me.