IvanFunctionX community build in indonesia

  • Proposal Details:
    community functionx indonesia
  • Team:
    me @IvanFunctionX, @Almercedricbut i will recruite other team
    i will recruite spammer team too, for viral trend on tiktok and twitter
  • Social Media: telegram Telegram: Contact @ivangroupid
  • Initiative summary:
  1. What problem is the proposal solving? (if applicable)
    i will create active member community 10k-30k online
  2. How is the problem being solved? (if applicable)
    i will door to door recruite member, talk to them, make friendship with them, encourage them(i can’t describe it in english well)
  3. Expected impact and value for the Function X community
    more active and lively community, more developer see opportunity in active community
  4. Metrics/KPIs to track results
    more active member in community
  5. Plan to achieve the metrics/KPIs
    i will door to door recruite member, and describe to them how good future fx ecosystem
  • Funding details
  1. Total requested amount in USD

i will hire, professional 3d creator for animated video(1000$)
paying viral trend youtuber to endorse my video about fx
spamming twitter, tiktok with functionx hastag
but i need in fx too to reward and gain loyalist member, their trush

  1. Funding scheme: monthly

  2. I’ve build community, run smoothlyeven without fund

I need fund